Photography Business – How to Get Found Locally

Want to grow your photography business? In this video, I share five strategies you can take to get found locally and grow a photography business. Before you get started you need to understand your target market. Know who they are, and where they spend their time the most.

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Getting found in your local scene, your local state, your local Providence, your local town you want to be found right. Let’s dive into that just a little bit. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a storyteller with a camera talking about all of things for talking about like you and I are thinking about and in this video I want to talk about how you can be found in your local area and how you should be taking advantage of the possibilities, the methods that you can get found. The big elephant in the room of getting found, the getting found room, the big elephant in the room. The big elephant in the getting found room is Google. Like so many others. I have a love hate relationship with Google. Google controls so much of our lives and it’s bit saddening, but at the same time it’s a necessary evil. It’s the beast.

It’s what you have to do. So first and foremost, you need to show up on Google. That means having a website that is ranking on Google, but that also means having a Google my business listing. And it also means updating that and posting to it on a regular basis. It also means getting reviews on your Google my business listing so that when you show up in results for a local photographer and you show up on Google maps, you have a lot of reviews with a high star rating and people see that you’re active Lee posting on your business page, but aside from that you also need to make sure your website is ranking, which leads me to number two is having a good website. As someone who works with photography websites on a daily basis, I have to say that it has gotten easier and easier to get a website up and running and it is getting more and more important to make sure your website is first of all loading at all.

Second, it looks good and it has your branding. Third, it is fast loading and forth. It is also optimized for mobile. Now those four things are not necessarily in that order. Those just four things because really it might even say that optimized for mobile is number one. There are many things you should do on your website, which I’m not going to get into fully in this video, but some things being have a very clear portfolio, have a very clear message of what you do, have a bunch of social proof reviews and things like that on your website. Next up is social media. You have to have a presence on social media whether you like it or not, and there are ways that you can automate a lot of social media or semi automate a lot of social media, but either way, you have to be active on social media somehow and you need to make sure that not only are you active, but on social media platforms like Facebook and Facebook pages where you can get reviews of your business, you need reviews of your business.

Make sure that you are posting regularly on social media. Make sure you’re doing it where your target market is because you don’t want to be on LinkedIn if you’re not a B to B person. If you are a photographer who does nothing B2B, there’s no reason for you to waste your time on LinkedIn. If your target audience is women, you should be not only on Facebook but also on Pinterest. So there’s social media for you. You gotta have it another necessary evil. Next up, our local websites, local directories, things like being on Yelp, right? So Yelp is a local director, even though it’s not local really to you, it’s local to everyone, but they have local results. They’re integrated into Bing search results. It’s integrated into the iOS, a for for iPhones. So you’ve got to make sure you’re on Yelp and get reviews there.

You want to make sure you’re on things like and you’re on things like hula frog and all these other local listings that would match up with your target audience. Now you wouldn’t be as happy like cooler frog if your audience is not parents. You wouldn’t be on something like patch if you’re not a B2B necessarily. But if you are a headshot photographer or pro personal brand photographer, you might want to be in local business listings, maybe a a rotary club listing, maybe chamber of commerce listing. Last but not least, one way to reach your audience in your local area is to ask your friends, your family, and your clients for referrals. And the way that you could automate this for clients is to set up an automated email campaign. So when you add a client to a specific list and email drip series goes out, getting them to hopefully give you referrals, but you could also just ask them face to face, of course. So there you go. There are five ways that you could reach your local audience. I hope that you walk away with some drive to move forward with at least four of them. I know this five. So if you could do five to five, but otherwise do for now, before you go a please click that subscribe button. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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