Geotagging photos after the fact without a GPS

Frankie sent me an email asking about geotagging photographs after already captured, but without a GPS device or app running.

Here’s the question: “Hi. Just looked at your website. Amazing. I was wondering I just got back from 2 trips this las August, one in Italy and the second in Chicago. I took a lot of photos. I was wondering can I geotag my pictures even though my Nikon D3100 is not gps enabled. I had with me my Samsung Galaxy S6 which the gps function was not on. Am I still able to geotag my photos using the GPS4CAM utility. the pics were already taken. If so how do I go about doing that, thanks. I would help a lot”

Instead of just replying I decided to record this video about how to accomplish geotagging after the fact using Lightroom Classic CC.


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