Geotagging with a Nikon and SnapBridge

Carrying around a second GPS unit is now a thing of the past thanks to Nikon’s SnapBridge. The Bluetooth based system uses little energy and offers the ability to geotag any photographs captured by a SnapBridge enabled camera with no effort. Simply turn on the camera, open the app on your iOS or Android phone and let the magic happen.


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  1. How can i geo tag my photography with Nikon D 5600 since it doesn’t come with in built geo tagging capability?

    1. If your camera has access to SnapBridge, then you just use SnapBridge to geotag.

  2. My experience is that the D850 always looses contact with Snapbridge and it’s almost impossible to reconnect. Says “Waiting for Bluetooth connection. The camera is off”, which it isn’t.
    My phone is an up to date Xperia XZ1.

    Only way to reconnect is to remove the camera from Snapbridge and reconnect it. The it works for a few shots. As soon as I leave them for a few minutes the disconnect and won’t connect again.

    1. I have WiFi connection problems a lot but never Bluetooth.

  3. two questions:
    1) is there an alternative to snapbridge
    2) is geotagging continuous? ie. if I take a pic and walk a 100 yards will each pic have its own (different) location? I’ve read that it downloads a locate for use over the nest hour.

    1. 1. You can use a system like MIOPS but not live view. For that, you could use CamRanger.
      2. Yes, it is. There are multiple levels of precision.

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