FTZ Lens Adapter is now free? Seriously, Nikon?

The Nikon FTZ Lens Adapter is now free. Seriously, Nikon? I mean, come on. So many of us spent our hard earned $250 to buy the adapter, or if you got it with the kit, $100. No matter what, making it free is a punch to the gut. I really hope that you somehow do good by your loyal customers.

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This is the Nikon Ftz adapter, that this is what lets the Nikon f mount lenses fit on a Nikon xe body like the z six as he’s seven and future bodies that are coming on the z line. I’ve got to admit, I’m kind of pissed off that this just happened, but I think I know why it’s happening. Hopefully and icon does good by its customers because of this drastic change. The Nikon FTZ adapter is really good. I was surprisingly surprised. I was shocked by how good it really is at the keeping the autofocus with the g mount lenses and um, it’s just, it just works really well. If you want to see my full review on the FTC adapter, just click on the cart above and you’ll be able to check that out right now. But be sure to come back here. So the FTC adopters like $250 when you just buy it on its own.

And if you bought it with a kit, with the [inaudible] seven kit, it was only a hundred dollars at the time of purchase. Well now it’s being thrown in free for all US customers. Now somebody who actually purchased the FTC adapter, I am quite annoyed the fact that they just made the product free with purchase because that means I just spent money on something that I didn’t have to. I spent my hard earned money on something that I didn’t have to, that really makes me mad. Now my guess is that Nikon is doing something that I was hoping they would do and it’s probably the redesigning the FTC adapter and having the foot removed or maybe even doing what Canon is doing and having a s a slot in here to put tiny nd filters, tiny CPL filters or something like that inside of the adaptor, which would be really smart because now you can have less expensive filters a behind the lens so you don’t have to put anything in front of the Lens.

That also means that you could easily put a filter behind something like the Nikon, uh, 12 to 24 lens, that we’re super wide lens, that can’t really put filters in front of because of how circular, how bold, like that classes. So redesign of the FTC adapter is probably coming. It probably is coming. I, uh, just wished that I’d have to pay for this. So, and icon. Um, uh, hopefully you’re doing good by your customers because this was expensive. This was expensive, and now you just made it free. I don’t know what that is, but please do good by your loyal customers and gum.

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