How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Learn how to get more followers on Instagram, and even more engagement, by using an app, called SmartHash. SmartHash is a Hashtag optimization and tracking app that provides a heatmap based on the hashtag sets you’ve created. You can also research additional hashtags, see Instagram analytics and even reply to comments on your images…. all in one place.

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One of the best ways to get found on instagram is to use the right hashtags and I have an app to talk to you about today that can really help you figure out what hashtags are best on instagram. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about in this video we’re gonna be talking about instagram and hashtags and the APP smart Hash for a long time I was a proponent of a bunch of other apps for Instagram, but those have slowly gone downhill and and a new APP has sort of risen to the top and well the apps have been around for I think a year or two now and it is become a daily thing that I use for anything. Instagram, the APP Smart Hash is completely free, but it’s a freemium model, so the free version, you’re limited to certain things.

The APP Smart Hash wants to become your sort of go to for anything. Instagram, not only can the APP help you find, hashtags tell you which has hashtags are working best on your instagram account, but it can also let you reply from within and see analytics from within the APP so you can do everything in one spot. So this is smart hash. As you can see, smart hash is well. You can add groups of hashtags. You can see I’ve got a bunch of hashtags ready here and you can see that there’s sort of color coded. They’re color coded because the that’s actually called a heat map. The heat map is used to tell you which hashtags are actually actually working best for your instagram account and you can see right here as a personal brand photography sort of Hashtag set that I’ve created. There are a bunch of hashtags and a bunch are gray and a bunch of yellow, orange, and red.

Now the red one means that it is highly effective for the images and I’m posting on instagram related to those hashtags. The orange is a little bit less, the yellow is a little bit less and the gray basically means they’re not really doing anything for my account at the moment, but what? Here’s what some of the cool things you can do with the smart hash set that you’re doing. I can actually tap on specific hashtags and then at the bottom, copy this selected hashtags, or I can just go ahead and copy them all or I can go ahead and split test. Split tests will pick randomly from her hashtag set and we’ll add that to your clipboard and you can then copy and paste it into your instagram posts into buffer, which will then send to Instagram, which is what I do, or whatever you want.

You can edit the Hashtag set by clicking the little three dots by the set and you could add in a more hashtags as you want and you can basically build up this archive of hashtags to and eventually a test them all and the more you test, the more you’ll find a different hashtags working for you and not working for you. And you’ll learn. You’ll see that over time the Hashtag heat map will actually change. You can do as many hashtags sets as you want. The our paid plans to do additional accounts. You can see here I have four instagram accounts right now and I can switch between them very, very fast. I can also go into the daily top 10 and I can actually see what hashtags are trending at that given point in time, and if one is relevant to my imagery, you might want to use it right.

You might want to use it because then you’ll image might get seen even more. Those are trending hashtags. Then there’s this search. I can go ahead and see a what again, what hashtags might be trending right now. I can dig into them, see related hashtags and I can copy them and paste them into a Hashtag sets on the fly. It’s really nice to do that and you can search for any keyword that you want to find related hashtags for. Let’s say we just want to try Nikon. We can search for Nikon and you can see there is a lot of Nikon related hashtags and I can go in and I can select the ones that I want, copies of those to instagram or copy those to my hashtag set, or I can dig in to one specifically by clicking the more button and find related hashtags that have been doing well and you can see also this has a bit of a heat map to it.

Hashtags that have done well for other people right in the APP. Nexus insights. This is basically your instagram insights built in to smart hash so I can see what days are better than others. What times are better than others? Most engaging locations, a word length. What word length is doing the best. If I do over 400 words as I can see, that’s the most engaging posts for my account. Then of course there are comments and you can go ahead and reply to comments as you see them. And, and uh, Martha has finished things like that. So there you go. There’s comments. I can do it all right from here on haunted. Go to instagram to do that when I’m ready to try to figure out other things for Instagram, so smart Hash, you can get the APP for Ios. I think it’s for android. There’s also a web version that you could use once you have an access to it.

You can access the web version if you do things like buffer on the computer, you can access all of your hashtags on the fly. From there, the plan started for 99 a month, but when you first installed a smart Hash App, you’re presented with the option for a $50 for life account and that is what I recommend doing. That’s what I did because I only had to pay once and I’ll have to think about it ever again. Paying for Smart Hash. So that’s what I recommend. The $50 for life account instead of one of the two, a monthly or annual type of plans. Now the link that I’m going to share in the description below to access the, uh, to, to get smart hash. That link is an affiliate link. I do make a tiny commission on that. So if you don’t want me to get a commission on this, then just search for smart hash in your app store and then install and buy it there. But if you want to support my videos by clicking on my link, then please go to the description down below to do that. Or just click that card right up there at the top of this. And um, you can do it there too. I have a question for you. What Hashtag has been working best for your instagram account? Comment and let me know.

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