Increasing Productivity With Movement – Fluidstance Level Review

fluidstance-level-reviewFor the past couple of months, I have had the pleasure of using the Fluidstance Level.

The product is for people who use standing desks. It is designed to get you moving while standing and working.

The product looks like a skateboard from the top, but underneath it’s a precise shape, with metal and rubber stoppers.

When standing on The Level, you can swivel, lean, balance and keep it going without realizing you’re doing it.

The idea behind it is that by constantly moving you keep the blood flowing. You also keep your brain thinking, and in turn increasing productivity and creativity.

The rubber on each corner is designed to keep The Level stable when on the angle.

When I first received The Level I spent many work days standing on it – for the entire work day.

My advice for anyone who uses one of these is to not do what I did. The Level really is fantastic. It’s built solid and it does get you focused on the task at hand. However, standing on the flat wooden surface all day long starts to hurt the feet.

Instead, switch it up. Go from The Level to sitting, or to an anti-fatigue mat.

With that said – I love the product. However, I do not see it being adopted by companies. I honestly do not see them buying a bulk of these and keeping them stored for anyone to use.

I do see businesses offering them to employees, though. Maybe with a reimbursement method or something along those lines.

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For photographers who use a standing desk, like me, I highly recommend this. By using it, you will likely find yourself writing more, processing different, trying new things.

It has seriously increased my productivity, and although I understand the basic reasoning, it still boggles my mind how it does that.

The keyword here is “movement”.

I hope you’ll give it a try.

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