First look at the Canon S95 and its HDR function

Canon S95 HDRI’m not going to write a full review of the Canon S95 because it is as amazing as the S90. So simply put, the S95 is a killer point and shoot camera. Enough said. The biggest addition to the Canon S95 is the HDR function that is now built-in the camera.

So here we go. My quick summary of the HDR functionality of the Canon S95.

  • The HDR results are ok. Not fantastic, stunning or even terribly exciting, but it works.
  • The feature does bring back detail in the highlights and shadows depending on the scene.
  • There is no control of shooting HDR, whatsoever and if there is, I cannot find it.
  • HDR mode is actually a scene mode which means that the camera is basically on autopilot.
  • Oh yea, your HDR photos are JPG since HDR is a scene mode.
  • Last but not least, it does not compensate for Ghosting at all
Canon S95 Ghosting
Canon S95 Ghosting - Click to download original JPG file

To me the ghosting makes the photo look like a multiple exposed shot, not HDR.

Are you surprised? I am not. Canon could have taken the HDR functionality to a new level. They could have offered RAW capabilities, some sort of anti-ghosting and even a bit of control over the brackets.

Oh well, can’t expect too much HDR control from a point and shoot camera now can you?

Here are some more examples

S95 HDR - Example 1
S95 HDR - Example 1

Download Full Resolution: HDR & Original

S95 HDR - Example 2
S95 HDR - Example 2

Download Full Resolution: HDR & Original

I hope to test out the HDR scene mode even more soon, but for now…

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Wow, I guess I would have expected a bit more from it. Especially in the shot with the camera bags. It looks like it isn't applying the same level of HDR to the edges of the photos. And, since it is an "auto-pilot" scene mode, I guess you can't change the metering to anything else. Like you mentioned, it is still a good P&S, but those scene modes always tend to disappoint a bit.

  2. When I saw this post @ HDRPhotog was really exited. It all died when I looked at the sample shot :(
    The results looks as if Canon had not looked at any HDR shots before :)
    Looks like a race game, as if they did this in a haste to be the first one to get this to the market. May be they should have worked on maturing the technology before building a final product on the same. Total disappointment :(

    1. I'm not disappointed really because I wasn't expecting too much from it.

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