Export With Multiple Presets In Lightroom Classic

Export with Multiple Presets in Adobe Lightroom Classic 9. It’s a new feature to Lightroom Classic and it’s such a time saver for photography workflows.

Now when exporting you can check one or more export presets in the Export dialog. Note that if you are doing multiple presets during export from Lightroom that the Post-Processing section and sections created by a plug-in will be hidden in the Export Settings.

In fact, when exporting with multiple presets, the Export Settings defined for Post Processing and sections from plug-ins in the export preset will be respected and images will be exported accordingly.

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Adobe is doing something that actually like which is great, which is so good. Lightroom is getting a feature that I wish they’ve had forever. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz us storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about and in this video I want to talk about and show you something that Adobe is added to Lightroom classic. This feature that Adobe has added to Lightroom classic is basically multiple preset exports. You can now export from Lightroom classic multiple times at once using whatever presets you want. If you have not watched any of my videos, I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. So click that subscribe button below right now so you don’t miss the next one. And if you have not seen any of my previous videos, then you may or may not know I am in an Adobe pre-release tester.

I cannot talk about this feature until it’s out. So while I did record this way early, this feature is now out from Adobe. So there we go. I am going to head over to the computer, show you exactly what you could do in Adobe Lightroom classic now, which is going to be a benefit for not only personal brand photographers who deliver photos for Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and everywhere all at once. But for a lot of photographers who need to do multiple exports, for example, photographers, wedding photographers who need to share high Rez digitals as well as Facebook digital that are watermarked all this stuff all at once. Let’s go over to Lightroom classic on the computer now. So you can have a look at this. Amazing and shocking that I didn’t have this already feature. So here we are in Adobe Lightroom classic version nine this is a beta, actually a, this is not the official release, so there could be some bugs.

Don’t mind that. So what I want to show you is basically I’ll take a photo from a personal brand sample gallery I have and I’m going to go go to file export. Now typically you would just go and pick what export preset you want and you just export. Then you’d go back and then do the next one. Go back into the next one. So on and when I want to show you is that in one clean swoop I could export to all the different social media sizes at one time. Now it’s worth noting before we do this that you can not have the image cropped during export. If this is something that you would like to see, you have to request it from Adobe. Adobe is very, very responsive about popular feature requests. So if they see that you’re requesting this sort of smart crop technology on export, then they might actually build it in lightroom.

They’ve already edited the multiple export preset, as you can see right here I’m about to show you. So it’s not too far out of reach to think. Maybe they can do it crop during export and instead of just image sizing. But this purpose of this video is to show you that you can export in multiple presets at once. So if you want to export to Facebook with a watermark, you can do that. But at the same time, deliver a high res version to your client as well as a social media version for, or an email version a and then a social media version with the watermark and so on. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you the one image I’m going to export to all of the places except Instagram, horizontal and Instagram square, because it actually won’t do any cropping.

So there’s no point in me showing you that, but I’m now exporting with nine presets. It’s also worth noting that I created my file names to just be the social network. It’s going to, if you are exporting all of them, you’d want to add something like the file name or your image title before or after, wherever a custom texts that you create. So if the image file name was DSC one, two three, it would say DSE, one two, three hyphen Facebook dot JPEG. If you were exporting multiple images at once doing this method, that might be a better approach. You will also note, I don’t have watermark turned on for these presets, but you could have watermarking turned on. All right. I’m going to hit export and then I’m going to pull up the folder is going to, which is on my desktop in a folder called social and you’ll see that they are all right here already exporting.

This, not done, it’s still going from lightroom, but they’re all going right now. And then if I click over to this view and I expand this, you’ll see each of the images has its own file size. The actual file size of the image is different. And if I was to load up two different images and pull up the information, you’ll see that the resolution, the dimensions of the image are also different. Six 75 by 10 14 1363 by 2048 so lightroom literally exported multiple versions at once using my presets. So if I, if I was happy with this, I could literally just take these, send it off to my client and I’m done. So think about this as a personal brand photographer. You’d have to have multiple versions that are cropped. For example, square if you want to do square and then you can export it with those.

Otherwise, if you are a wedding photographer, you can export your final images at full resolution for the lab. You can export final resolution images with some compression for your clients. You can export Facebook ready with a watermark for your clients and do it all at once in one clean swoop. You don’t have to go back to a file export over and over again. So there you go. That is multiple export presets from Lightroom classic version nine if you liked this video, click that subscribe button so that you can get the next video that I publish and the one after that. Thanks for watching and I hope you check out the next video.

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