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Photography Everyday Carry is a series where I share my thoughts and suggestions on products that photographers should carry on their person, or in their bags, everywhere they go. In this video, I share how I handle storing my memory cards and batteries for easy access when out making photos.

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Photographer every day, Carrie, we’ve already gone over some really interesting things today. We’re going to talk about two things that I never leave home without. When I had my camera.

He, this is Scotland people with a storyteller, with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you. And I, I think in about, and in this video, we’re going to talk about additional photography everyday carry items. That’s right. We’ve already gone over some things like flashlights and penned and cleaning products. And today we’re talking about things like this, specifically two items that I always have with me when I’m spending a day out doing a lot of photography, this is a pixel pocket, rocket. This one in particular I’ve already done content about, but I want to just remind you that this is available from my friends at think tank photo. This is my favorite of all the ones they’ve made the secure pixel pocket rocket, because it has zippers for each of the compartments so that you can literally flip it upside down and your cards are not flying out.

This has all of the memory cards that I would need for an entire day of doing videography or photography or whatever it is. Everything is in one spot. What’s also nice to have a pocket for my business cards. You can see it on the backside and I can just slip out a card if I need it. So I have cards in my bag. I have cards in my wallet and I have cards in my pixel pocket, rocket. And if I’m in a secure location, if I’m in a building doing headshots or something for some C level employees, I can just clip this onto something out in the open. So I have quick access to my memory cards whenever I need it. The next thing I’m going to show you is something that also thinking photo makes I don’t have it. What I have is actually this little pocket from Timbuck to Timbuktu makes backpacks and messenger bags and all these other type of bags really designed for bike messengers, but they have a bunch of products that really anybody could use at any time.

And this little pouch, which actually has the ability to go on a belt or a strap or something like that. I use actually for my batteries. And the nice thing is I can literally slip it onto this strap of my backpack or the handle of a rolling bag or something like that, and have quick access to my batteries as I need. I can even put it on my belt if I need it. I can actually fit five of my Nikon, Ian eel 15 batteries all into here. I get four nicely stacked and I can put one right on top and zip it closed. And I’ve got all my batteries in one spot. Now think taking photo actually makes, as I said, they make a product similar to the pixel pocket rocket, but designed for batteries. And the cool part is that you can identify what batteries used or not use based on how you insert it into the bag, into the pouch.

And the way I do it is by either turning it around in here or not. So if I have this slide showing it is fully charged and ready to go. And if the backside is, is showing, then I know that it is depleted in these recharging. And that’s similar to the way of thinking photo has it in their pouch, except their pouch has it neatly in each battery has it’s a little compartment versus me to stacking it into this little back. So there you go. Two more photography everyday caries. This is one that I wouldn’t just have if I was going out around the city or around town with, with a camera for like an hour or two, but if I’m spending an entire day doing some sort of photography or doing a photo job or something like that, that is in my bag on my hip, whatever it’s accessible. If you like this video and you want to see more photography everyday carry items, click that subscribe button below. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday, whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it and be sure to karate kick the notification bill.

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