Drop It MODERN imperfect backgrounds and why to hop on them

I recently ordered two Drop it MODERN backgrounds from their new imperfect section.  My goal is to get as many awesome backgrounds as I can for the Paparazzi Pod and the imperfect pricing is unbelievably awesome.  At 50% off you can’t go wrong.  Drop it modern describes their imperfect backgrounds as

Minor flaws may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Slight Discoloration
  • Small Stains
  • Snags in Fabric
  • Missing Velvet

With that warning I ordered them anyway. Some manufacturers you would expect a huge difference in quality from a good product to an imperfect one.  However with Drop it MODERN it is clear that they really care about their products.   It is obvious that their standards are so high on their products that their idea of imperfect could out do a competitors regular product.

I am happy to say that the imperfections with both backgrounds are 99% unnoticeable.

Am I a lucky one or am I right about Drop It MODERN?  Even if I am a lucky one, their backgrounds really do kick some major background butt.

Another thing to be noted is that although their website is general with the imperfections that could be on a backdrop when the product arrives each one is clearly labeled as to what the imperfection is specifically to that backdrop.

Rock on Drop It MODERN, Rock on!


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