Don’t forget to look up

The other day I was shooting the cherry blossoms in Newark, NJ with Gevon and Daryl. We were walking around having a blast (and making fun of each other because that’s what friends do, right?) and at one point I looked up to find a nice surprise above us.

The moon was so perfect to the naked eye, but none of us really had the right lens to capture both the moon and the trees at the same time.

I wound up throwing on my Nikon 105mm Macro lens to capture the photo you see here.

It’s not perfect, but it shows you how vibrant the day was. The sun was out, the weather was perfect and the photography was “game on”

So when things like what happened in Boston bring you down, don’t forget to look around you, and look up. There is always something beautiful going on.

Stay positive,

PS. My words are not as powerful as those of C.C. Chapman – so please head over to his website and listen to the most recent episode of his podcast.

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