DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – First Impressions

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is a fantastic, and affordable product, that can greatly enhance any mobile photography and videography footage. It goes way beyond the stabilization of your phone’s camera. It can pan, follow and help you create interesting effects. The product is also tripod mountable so you can experiment beyond hand holding. This video is my first impressions of the DJI Osmo Mobile 2.

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This is something I am really looking forward to trying. Hey, this is Scott Wyden. Give what a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. In this video we’re going to be talking about the Dji Osmo mobile to. This box is sort of styrofoam, styrofoam, but it’s like a denser styrofoam. It’s the case for the Dji Osmo mobile to inside of here are two things. Inside of here is the Dji Osmo mobile two and a USB cable. That’s all that comes with this as does a manual. The first thing I did when I picked this up was I charged it because there’s a plug to charge it. You just plug it in to you as being. Then you let it charge and there’s a bunch of. There’s a bunch of little lights that blink can tell you when it’s charged. So I did already opened this up and I did do some testing, but we’re going to.

I want to show you how cool this thing is and I plan on doing a bunch of videos showing what this baby can do. The first thing you want to do is actually put it in the phone. Now Dj, I recommend to put it in the phone with the plug side towards the pivot point right here. That is fine, but if I want to use a microphone, I have to do it the other way so it’s, you know, I don’t know what’s going to happen because at some point I’m going to want to use a microphone and I won’t be able to if it’s the other way. So first thing is you put in, so we basically need to slide it into this and this does work with cases. If you’re using an iphone case lake, the the one made by apple, then it’s kind of perfect.

If you’re not using a case, it’s even better. I am using the moment lens case and it just fit. It doesn’t really grip in there. You can see there’s a gap from where the curve is for the phone and the case, so it’s not perfect, but it actually does grip it. It does grip, it is not going anywhere and I haven’t perfectly in there. The next thing is you turn it, make sure it’s off first, don’t turn it on first and you actually need to hold it like this horizontally and get the balance correct. You can see it’s almost perfectly balanced. I need to do a little bit of adjustment to make sure it is balanced enough and to do that you loosen this little knob right here and he moved this in and out to get the balance right and you can see it’s just a little little bit of tweaking to get it right. Okay, there we go. Now it’s balanced and then you tighten this back up again. Tighten that Knob so this is tight, and then you hold the power button until it comes to life

and now it’s alive and then I can go ahead and lock my phone. We then open up the Dji app, which is currently in process of being opened and you connect to your device and now and now we have the product. Perfect. Now what is really cool as I can with a joystick completely control this. I can go up and down, I can do a lot of different things. It is going to stay balanced. Uh, I’m going to test this in the car with shakes. I’m going to be testing this with the face tracking. I’m going to be testing it with the three 60 and a bunch of different things all to come. You can see there’s some adjustments that have to be made like that. I can go like this and it always stays perfectly horizontal. I can turn into a bunch of different things. You can see I can go to vertical mode like that. Sure. I go up, sit down, watch this thing can go up to down.

Pretty cool stuff. I can also zoom in. There’s a little dial to zoom in right here, and if I zoom in on here, you can also zoom in and out and the camera was zooming in and out. The Dji app itself has the different scene modes like timelapse and things like that, but I can actually use this with filmic pro, which I also plan on doing. I want to test this and filmic pro tilt. Do Videos about down the road and a bunch of other things I can record and stop and do a bunch of things all from the basically this joystick and what is really cool, which I’m looking forward to, is the fact that the, the um, this can actually charge my phone and you can go on a tripod. So all I need to do is get a cable that goes from this to an iphone if it exists, which it might. Um, and if it does exist, I do. That means I do have to turn this so that the plug is not on this side of the plug is on the other side. Uh, and um, yeah, so that’s that. Let’s go have some fun with this.

So right now I am actually testing the, the sort of emotion tracking the object tracking that’s part of this Osmo mobile to where I can actually walk around and let it track me. Now this will be better when I have a wide lens. This will be better when I have somebody else that can actually tap on my face instead of me avenues and mirror the top of my face, but it’s pretty neat that I could literally talk to you and walk around and it’ll be as if as a camera person to follow me. Now if I have good audio as well instead of the iphone, that would be better. I’m going to do a tutorial on this and a bunch of other things about the Osmo down the road. It’s also right now at mounted on a tripod and before I forget, I wanted to point out I missed this. I don’t have to use the plug that I would charge the Osmo to charge. My phone is actually a Usb port in the Osmo that has a little seal on it that I can expose and then use that to charge my iphone to. Oh, I have to do is use a regular iphone cable. That’s pretty nice. If I go down, it’s going to track me down here. You see this is tracking me on the floor. That’s how cool it is. If follows, whatever it is that you tapped on, Hulu,

I love it. I love how that is to do that is a really nice thing and this is good for filmmakers because now I can literally track an object and I could walk and the the angle of view for the object I’m filming would change, but I’m always focused on that object, which is a really nice thing and if I turn my head and then I come back, it’s going to follow me again, turn my head, move, come back. It’s going to follow me again.

How cool is that? Right now I have it on me and it’s not tracking me right now because I would need to set it myself, but I do have it. I do have it facing me and I’m basically just walk around so you can see how still it is to how steady it actually is. Again, I’m using the built in mic on the iphone right now. I’m not using a moment lens. I do have a counterweight on order waiting for that to come in so I can use my moment lenses with this without worrying about the weight issue and balancing and stuff like that. And you can see them just walking around and it’s keeping a fairly steady. Even with me tilting it now, it’s not really intended to be used as sort of the selfie style, um, whatever vlogging style it’s intended to be facing outwards, but you can see that it can be used like this and it does keep it fairly steady as well.

So I am really excited about the Osmo mobile too. I’m excited to make use of it. Um, I’m thinking about doing a course in 2019, uh, for photography for parents. And if I do that, this will of course be included in that, a whole series of tutorials on this because a lot of parents are using their phones and if I can show them how to use something like this, which is affordable, it’s only a hundred and $20 at the apple store. If I can show them how to use this to photograph their kids, whether with or without a moment lens, that is a beautiful thing because they could literally be in the back of an auditorium, throw on the moment telephoto Lens, and now they can get really nice still footage with their phone that they’re using any way from the back of a room without having to worry about too much. Shake a quick thank you to the mack worldwide warranty company. I get a mack worldwide warranty on all of my equipment. Their diamond warranty covers accidental damage like drops in water damage and things like that. They’re available at electronic stores in camera stores around the world. Thank you for partnering with me on this video, and if you liked this video, click that subscribe button below. Now. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it and stay tuned for more videos about the OSMO mobile too.

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