DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom Event in Brooklyn

I was invited to the DJI event in Brooklyn, New York where they announced their two new drones; the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. This vlog style video is my travels for the day, and some thoughts on the new drones.

See the full event live stream here.
Have a look at the new drones from DJI:

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I do not have a drone from any company, but I was just invited to DJI press event, which is tomorrow, so I am preparing to go to Brooklyn, New York to see what DJI is about, to announce maybe a drone is in my future. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz and in this video we are going to see what is going on with DJI

So I am here in Brooklyn, New York, uh, walking towards the walking towards the building where there’s the DJI events where they’re on the zooming though. I’m assuming they’re going to announce the maverick maverick air to. I could be wrong. It could be right. But we’ll see. Had never been to an event from DJI before. In fact, I’ve never used the drone before, so this’ll be interesting in so many friends. I’m really excited about it. It’s also the same day that Nikon announced, technically the day after, depending on where you are in the world, same day. Then Nikon announced their new full frame mirrorless, which uh, yeah. Yay. Oh, Nikon. Anyway, so this is about DJI. I’m on the way to the DJI event. Should be interesting, here we go,

viewers that are joining us from around the world online today, I know essential tools alongside dslr cameras in the gear bags of many of today’s top content creators, including photographers, videographers, as the ultimate drone for creators who want to capture something incredible using a tool they can fit in their bags. The maverick pro set a high standard for us and in its next iteration, I believe, created something truly special. Let’s take a look. This is the DJI that would not have been possible without all of the creative technology that we packed into them. Even better, you are going to create those images and videos to zoom and to give you new ways to capture inspiring photos and videos with their brand new paragraph. They make creating sophisticated cinematic content, easy with intelligent flight modes like hyperlapse donaldson, and have to track and with two point Oh, plus 11 cameras and sensors helping the drum map and sensitive environment. It’s the safest and smartest drone we’ve ever created. Do you need. Thank you, Michael. It is a great pleasure and honor to be here to talk about the. You too really

for the keynote is done for the map to drugs and now there’s a bunch of demos going on your hands on and pilot and what not. They’re already available, which is pretty cool. They actually deleted this event and they took the month of delay and actually made the products available immediately. I’ll have more on my thoughts when I’m back in the studio when quieter and whatnot. But until then it’s pretty freaking cool.

So the new Mavic comes in, two versions that comes into zoom and it comes in the pro. The zoom is like 1200 and change US dollars and the pro is like 14 or $1,500. US and the pro comes with a really beautiful lens designed by hustle blood. It has a really nice optical zoom and digital zoom. What I found really fascinating, besides from all the new software features, which you know, I’m not going to go through every single thing because, well there’s gonna be tons of videos about it and you could just go to Dj as channel Youtube Channel and theo the specs and everything. But what I found really fascinating was, uh, the, the quality of the new lens and it’s software combined makes them really beautiful imagery, but also the fact that it’s actually extremely quiet. It’s very quiet. There were four drones going up during the demo period for drone to any given time. And even with the four drones, it was so quiet. The construction that was going on local was actually so much louder than the drones, which is, which is not always a common thing. Typically the drones are speaking of loud, typically the drones are so loud that they kind of overpower everything. But these were almost like a whisper. It was really beautiful how they redesigned it and made it so quiet. Okay. Okay.

So I just got back from the DJI event. I am back home and I’ve got the specs open here and I just wanted to just share real quick some of the things that really stood out as they go through this. So I’m the maverick to pro has a Hasselblad lens now, whether hostile that actually makes it or not, it’s kind of like Panasonic having a Leica Lens. It’s not, it may not actually be made by a hospital, it, they just might be supplying the glass and the materials for the lenses and DJ. I might be making the actual lens. With that being said, the maverick to pro has a hasselblad camera in it. The Maverick to zoom actually has a two x optical camera, not Hasselblad, but yeah, it’s got an actual optical zoom in it, not just digital zoom.

The sensing the, the obstacle sensing has increased, I think they said it was like 10 different centers now instead of just instead of just a however many of the previous head. So they’ve got a lot of sensors and it will not get hit any objects when it’s doing a lot of follow or any of that cool stuff. It has a hyperlapse mode that is a really cool for anybody who experimented hyperlapse, you can now do hyperlapse automatically in the maverick twos. So the maverick to zoom, like I said, it has optical zoom. You can do 24 to 40 millimeters optically and then I think as another two or four x beyond that, it also has donnelly zoom. You know that a cool effect when in movies, when the the, the, the main subject is still, but the background is coming and enlarging stuff that they’re calling Dolly Zoom and now it can be done in the drone with one push of a button.

The Maverick to pro also has a one inch sensor, so the physical size of the sensor is larger than your average drone and that means you’re getting not only the hospital on camera but a bigger sensor which means the resolution of the of the video quality and the photos connect should be much better. That’s not to say the zoom won’t be great video quality, but that definitely does mean that the optical natural quality of the of the file will just be more beautiful. It has 10 bit a log mode, so you if you want to call grade your videos and you can do that and it has hdr mode, you can also adjust the aperture from the controller. Now one thing I thought was really interesting, one of the things that stood out the most, so they said that the maverick pro had like a one point seven mile range where the maverick two’s has like a five mile range.

Now I don’t know if it’s like xact and you know you’ve got to have clear air and things like that, but if it really is five mile range, that is pretty ridiculous for a drone to have, especially one that can fit in just really any bag. Another cool feature is that if you are one to land your drone and not grab it and turn that over, then at night there’s also an led that will eliminate the ground for a better landing in the dark during no, those gigapixels that have come out, especially at like inaugurations and things like that. So the, the maverick twos can actually do what they’re calling us super resolution. Basically it’s going to do a bunch of photos, zoomed in and not move the drone photos zoomed in and not and basically create a large, like 48 megapixel photo or something like that.

So some of the quick shot features include free mode, circle mode, course lock, we points hyperlapse. There’s a lot of cool things you can do. You can turn on and off HDR with a 14 stop evie or 13 stop depending on which metric to you get. It also uses the each point two, six, five Codec for better video quality. And just this is a lot more. I mean, go to the website, watch the videos. I was impressed. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t own a drone. I never have. I never got my hands on a drone. Um, today I got to see the drones and play with the drones and get my hands on them and I’m very excited, you know, it was, it was really cool. Now will I get the maverick to, you know, I don’t know. It’s not something I would use on a daily basis.

If the DJI, if you want to send me one, I’ll gladly check it out and spend however much time you allow me with it. I have to be careful with where I spend my money as a professional photographer and somebody who’s making educational videos on Youtube. I can’t just go and buy a drone just to buy a drone because I could add more b roll footage to my videos. It just, it’s not that practical for me right now to spend that kind of money on a drone. So right now I am not going to spend my money on the drone, but if I was going to bite any drone right now, it would be the advocate who zoom. I know that the Hasselblad Lens will give me better results, but from what I’ve seen from the zoom, I’m be fine with that. And the ability to go in and out just unlocks a lot of possibilities of what you can do with a drone, especially as somebody who would be brand new to drones. So there you go, uh, that you know what, just check out the DJI channel, check out their website and read for yourself. Then go to a store and get your hands on it because that’s the only way you’ll know if it’s right for you. If you’re a real estate photographer, a sports photographer, even a wedding photographer, it might be perfect. Think about it. Thank you DJI, for the invite. If you invite me to other events, I’d like to be there.

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