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When dealing with the harsh light and shadows caused by the sun, there are many ways to remove or reduce it. The most effective is diffusing the situation by putting the subject underneath some of the diffusion material. In this video, you will see how a simple $10 diffusion screen can drastically improve the light.

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So let’s say you’re outside and it is sunny, and you need to diffuse the situation. There are a few ways that you could, you know, make the light a little bit more attractive on you or your subject or whatever it is. For example, you could easily just adjust your exposure, but that’s not going to take care of shadows so much if you don’t want to adjust your camera settings or if you want to keep the ISO low instead of high or you want to, whatever, whatever it is. You could do something like a neutral density filter, but again, that’s not going to fix these shadow situation. So if you need to diffuse the situation, you need to do something else. This is me using a neutral density filter right now. A three sadness density filter from wine country camera right on top of the Lens and tune vlogging style. You can see that it’s still not going to get, get rid of the harsh sun. It does let me get a better exposure, but that’s about it.

Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a storyteller with a camera and talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about and in this video we’re going to be talking about defusing the bright light situation. A quick thank you to macro by warranty for partnering with me on this video I get a Mac world I warranty on all of my camera equipment including the camera that I’m filming on right now. Check out the mack worldwide warranty, especially their diamond warranty which covers accidental damage. You can’t go wrong. This might look like it to reflect her. This might look like it is something that would enhance the light on a face, but it’s actually something different.

So let’s say you are out and it is sunny, and you are videoing or photographing a model, and you just need to diffuse that sun situation. There is something you can use like this, which will actually do the job that I know looks like a reflector. It kind of, I mean it, it’s, it’s basically a reflector where that the reflective material, it is a diffusion screen or you have to do is put it in place of the subject and the sun like, so yes, I’m just holding it over my head, and that is all you need to do. Hold on a second. So I know that this looks like a reflector. It is not a reflector is actually a diffusion screen and all I have to do to diffuse this some situation is to put it in between the sun and my subjects head. You can see that I am now diffused.

Uh, I have soften the light that is over my head. I am blocking the sun; I am shaded. I am no longer squinting like I was without this. But uh, I’m diffused. I have diffused a situation for $10. Yes, only $10. And I can completely diffuse a situation where the sun is overbearing and messing with my exposure. Now here’s the thing. This is a pro master diffusion pop up diffuser or whatever you want to call it. I don’t know what they call it. And it’s inexpensive, but if you’ve got a subject or you’re doing a scene where you need multiple people, or the fun is too big for what this one pop up can do, it is gonna cost you more money for the bigger diffusion paddle, but still, they’re not that expensive. In fact, what you could do, it’s one of those pop-up tents that a lot of people use for tailgating or for garage sales and things like that. It’s basically an eight by eight popup tent that’s just a white top, no pattern, no color does white, and that will do the same thing, and you can anchor it to the ground, and you can even do headshots under it. Inexpensive, defuse that situation.

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