Cheap can mean little growth

I was shown a spot in Newark, New Jersey that I never knew existed.

I consider myself a fairly good marketer. I’ve done some pretty awesome things promoting products, events, etc.

I’ve been able to bring hundreds of photographers together for shooting events.

However, I recently announced my first paid workshop in a very long time. The workshop is on a very specific niche in photography. Specifically long exposures.

The workshop page, and the announcement article, gets A LOT of views from people in New Jersey (thank you Google Analytics).

But very few people are signing up

Combine the lack of signups to the paid workshop with the volume signups to free events and it leads me to one conclusion… people might be cheap.

Cheap can mean little growth, though. How do people expect to learn if they do not attend events that are hands on and educational?

Do they really want to view Internet classes all the time? Will they really learn that way?


But not me. I enjoy online workshops, but prefer the hands on approach. That’s how I learn.

Am I expecting too much from people to spend a little to get a lot?

The Workshop

The workshop is $150 and at the beautiful town of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Oddly enough – exactly where President Obama was speaking today.

Spend a little money on the Jersey Shore – President Obama to NJ

I offered a $25 discount until May 25, and received 1 signup with the deal.

Now it’s almost June, which means just over a month before the workshop. I am nervous that I won’t fill seats. However, I know that if I do not fill them, that I will just cancel the workshop.

A Response

I’ve seen people sharing the workshop around the NJ social communities, and when no comments about it I respond with something like this:

Please note that free events cannot keep happening without paid ones. Hence my upcoming long exposure photo workshop. So please join the workshop to help support future free events.

Am I wrong for this approach?

Am I doing something wrong promoting the workshop?

Or are people cheap?

I am not sure, but I will keep trying as long as I can.

Keep on learning and thanks for reading



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