Find & Delete Duplicate Photos With PhotoSweeper


If you have ever accidentally imported or saved duplicate photographs and images to your computer, then PhotoSweeper is for you.

The Overmacs team has created a visually stunning Mac application that can review your photo library or folder for duplicates.

The cool part is that it uses both meta data, file data and also the appearance of the photo in order to find duplicates.


After you choose the folder with your images, you can then pick the settings, how detailed you wan the detection and more.


The side-by-side comparison lets you see the photographs larger. You also have the ability to select which is the original and to open the file.


The grid is where you will see every duplicate detected and how many there are of each individual image.

In Conclusion

PhotoSweeper has its place, but the problem comes in when you’re using a Lightroom library. If you remove images from folders, outside of Lightroom, then your catalog will have errors. I’m not sure how PhotoSweeper thinks they can get around that issue, but I wasn’t about to find out.

What I can say is this.

If you think you have a folder of images with duplicates, PhotoSweeper will get the job done for you. That’s the truth.

They make it easy with a 1-click button that will automatically pick an original and put the duplicates in the bin for trashing when ready.

Give the lite version a download and see for yourself.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,



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  1. Great post. Just wanna share a tool I’ve been using “DuplicateFilesDeleter” it finds and deletes duplicate photos even files aswell. a guaranteed fix.

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