Excire Search 2 Pro – Culling for smiling faces

Thanks to Excire Seach 2 Pro, culling your photos for smiling faces has never been easier inside of Lightroom. The new version is extremely fast and adds more fine-tune query features throughout the plugin. With Excire Search 2 Pro you can find a smile in your entire catalog or one group of photos.

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AI is so cool and [inaudible] pro 2.0 has stepped up the game with even faster findability finding it’s faster. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz a storyteller with the camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about, and in this video we’re going to talk about X or pro 2.0 it’s even faster. Now in this video I really want to talk about, well, it’s findability features. Let’s say you’re looking at a collection of photos from a photo session and then in that collection you want to find only the photos where there’s smiling faces. Well, you could do that in XR pro 2.0 let’s head over to light rooms so you can check out what you can do in this update today. An next pro 2.0 I want to show you how you can easily find faces that are smiling in your batch of photograph from a session.

You could go ahead and basically create a collection of all of the photos from a certain session that you had, which is exactly what I did right here. And this is from a holiday Christmas photo session I did for a baby and then the parents, and this was the baby’s first photo session outside of the parents phones. So she was not used to the strobes, she was a little intimidated at times and so on. But it worked out really well. There’s a lot of cute photos. Basically once you have a XR pro 2.0 installed and you have gone through the initialization phase, which depending on the size of your catalog, could take a while, could go, could go fast. It really depends on the size of your, of your images, of your, of your catalog, your overall catalog, and also the computer that you’re running, how, how, how fast and powerful your computer is.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go up to a library, plug an extras search for faces. And what’s going to do is going to bring up this dialogue. With this open, I can select one face, single portrait, two faces, several faces or any faces. Then I can select if I want it to be a baby, child, teenager, adult, or elderly person, and then you can select the gender of the person that you want, male or female, which I have that not checked right now, and then you can turn on if you want to be smiling or no smiling. In this case, I want to be a smiling person. X is not recognizing any smiles from the baby in this entire collection. You can see I have it set to film strip instead of the whole catalog. If I switch it to the whole catalog, it will then find more a single faces that are smiling now because it doesn’t recognize the child.

And you can see right here, there’s one of her smiling right here is one of her smiling right here and it’s there, right? But it’s a baby. So the software, the AI, the artificial intelligence is not recognizing perfectly the baby’s smile. If I was to switch it to any, you’ll see that right away it says there’s 31 photos, so I’m just going to just go ahead and hit start. Let that go. What this basically means is that if you are calling photos and looking for only smiling photos, then when it comes to babies XR pro 2.0 may not be the perfect choice for those photos. You might have to do those manually, but for adults where it’s more obvious if there’s a smile because there’s, there’s teeth, there’s more facial expressions than the little baby giggle. That happens sometimes that it, it’s much easier this way.

But now if I was to go here, you’ll see that there’s a whole bunch of smiling faces from the parents. Again, she’s happy here. The baby is happy. You just can’t tell that the baby is happy. It’s not obvious, right? So if it’s not obvious to you right then it’s not going to be obvious to the AI. But I can tell you as a photographer, the baby was happy. She was smiling, she was laughing, she was having a good time. Now what happens when you go ahead and do something like this, searching for faces is it actually creates a collection called or search and that shows up there and that just that collection gets automatically updated every single time you do a new search for either faces or people or or anything like that. It does that. From here you can go on and you can do your star ratings to see which ones you like the best and you can then go ahead and do some edits.

For example, I did this one and then I actually edited this one so you can see there’s one, there’s the next frame that actually did some editing on. There you go. That’s that’s, that’s how easy that is. Sure. XR pro, the first version had the ability to do some things like this, but it is faster now. It is so much faster now and they’re adding new features like there are people find her where it’s actual facial recognition so you can find actual people’s faces. It’s so cool. So cool. I really recommend that if you are a heavy light room user, you checkout XR pro 2.0 and see what it can do for your workflow for speeding things up for you for keywording. Even better, check it out. XR pro 2.0 see in the next video.

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