Creating a Photography Portfolio with Posterous

Jack Hollingsworth was asked a question by Leroy Mikell III via Twitter.  “Do you know of any acceptable sites that will host a portfolio free? Need a new one really quick”.  I replied to Jack and Leroy with my thoughts on using Posterous.  After tweeting the reply I deciced to create a screen cast showing what I meant.  You can now watch the video here:


  • Instant satisfaction.  Posterous sites launch in seconds
  • Custom domains takes a little longer depending on your host
  • Posterous uses cloud hosting.  Secure and speedy
  • No fancy slideshows that I know of.  Just the simple gallery
  • Even if you turn off downloading the photos people always find a loophole.  I recommend using watermarks

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What are your thoughts on using Posterous for a portfolio?  Please share them by commenting below.

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  1. That is a good point Aaron however if I was not paying for my own host & portfolio then I really couldn't complain if the free host was adding their affiliate links to posts. However according to that article if you (for instance) add a link using your Amazon affiliate code they would not change it. If you added a random Amazon link they would add their affiliate code

    “It’s worth pointing out that while VigLink will convert any normal links to affiliate links whenever possible, it will ignore any links that are already connected to affiliate programs (in other words, it doesn’t overwrite existing affiliate links).”

  2. Thanks for reading my blog Teresa. Please do not use my text word for word. You are more than welcome to paraphrase if you want.

  3. Hi. I like to write articles to help people as well and am struggling to learn more about photography. I am waiting on my 'new' D70 so I can get back to using a 'real' camera. I wanted to let you know that I am going to 'reproduce' your info onto wikiHow, using my own words, of course. I will site you as a source for the idea…great job!!!

  4. I don't think I actually used your text at all…I just took the idea and cited your site for the concept.

  5. Please do share the link when it is live.

  6. hi there, nice work. i have done something similar for music
    (no concrete examples up though). i am working on learning its theme development these days. i think it's a great service.

  7. thanks! btw you seem to be really on top of all the social networks. nice badge count ha

  8. I would like to know what you think about photo blogs, how they differ from portfolios, and some good ways of starting one.

  9. Photo blogs are just that, a blog. They are blogs where you post a photo or multiple photos. A portfolio is where you display your collection of photographs. There are so many options but my suggestion be to google "photography portfolio websites" or something like that to find a good starting point.

  10. The article I created from your post is going featured on the 21st of August!! I would be very interested in if it garners you any extra visits!!!

  11. how about the host u used for “photography”, thank u!

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