New Course On Lightroom Workflow Available Now

New Course On Lightroom Workflow Available NowI was speaking with my friend Blake Rudis from f64 Academy, who doesn’t use Lightroom.

He’s a diehard Photoshop and Photomatix user.  He also dabbles in ON1 and Topaz Labs among others.

We were chatting about why he loves Photoshop so much, and I encouraged him to check out Lightroom.

He refused.

But then he told me to put together a Lightroom course to convince him of Lightroom’s benefits and he’d consider trying it.

So I decided to do that.

I created an outline of my Lightroom Workflow and decided that instead of just creating a Lightroom Workflow course like so many out there, that I would get more personal.

So Camera to Complete: Lightroom Workflow Course is a course sharing my personal photography workflow. It doesn’t contain preaching about what I think is best. It shares how I do it and why.

Since the idea was brought to fruition I’ve put out feelers and the demand is there for a course like this.

I am happy to share it is now available.  Learn more about it here.

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