A Corporate Photo Session

I was asked to photograph a corporate client’s updated group photo. When I got there I was then asked to do a few stages informal photos. So of course, I went with it and did the job. This video is a vlog from what turned out to be a longer session and day than what was planned.

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Well, I am on my way to a corporate photo session. I’m doing a group photo for a financial planning company. I was going to mount my phone on my phone, mount does horizontally and record, but it turned out to be extremely shaky so I have to handhold this. So I am recording this on my iphone. I have my cameras packed for the session, so that’s why I’m handholding on my iPhone again, using the Video Mic Me L and a moment lens on my iPhone X I did photos for them a couple of years ago and the photos were fine. They were individual headshots and then and then a group photo and now I’m just redoing the group photo because they’re actually down some staff. They’re not upstairs staff, they don’t have new staff that actually have some staff removed so they don’t need new headshots.

They just need a new group photo showing the current staff. That’s what I’m going to do. It should be a very quick session, a packing light. I got a bunch of lenders, depending on the space that I’m going to be photographing them in a budgeted for lenses and then I have just two lights and two umbrella is going to keep the lighting very simple and uh, and that’s just going to utilize whatever space that I have available in their office. So I’m headed there and right now it’s gonna be about a 40 minute drive, but a gps just looks like an hour was added to my drive. So we’ll see what happens when, uh, as I, as I get closer to the highway I need to get on.

So I just got home from picking up my daughter from preschool and I put her down for a nap and now I’m just unloading everything. And the first thing I do after a session, depending on where the session is, sorry, just logging back in the computer. Um, depending on what the session is, how it went and how far away from the event or the session I will be from being able to get back to my computer. I will either backup to a portable drive right then in there or I will come home immediately, come back in my home studio and back up the photos pretty much immediately. But uh, so that’s what I’m doing right now. Will turning on my machine and going gonna, import all the photos first. I’m going to do important photos, clone it to the secondary drive and then start my cloud backup of them as well.

I do that all immediately before I even start cooling through the photos. That’s the first thing I do is back everything up. Now I need to bring everything in downstairs. So I’m doing that while my computer turns on and then as soon as I do that, I’m going to import all the photos, get all the backups going, and then while the backups are going, I’m going to set up everything that was that had been broken down. I’m going to put away the lights that were packed up to go and all that stuff. So light room is loading up right now. As you can see it’s loading up and the drives are on and I’m going to bring down the rest of the stuff, especially the camera.

I love the Think Tank bags. The rollers are fantastic. I give so much in there. So before I unpack everything, I like everything. I get the photos backed up and then I will, I start unpacking. So I use a Nikon D830 and it has the QXD slot and an SD slot. It has two slots. I don’t have a cue card right now. I’m going to be getting some QFC cards eventually, probably when I get the Nikon d six or seven because that only has a Qx d card and uh, not sure where, what I’m going to do about on a out and about photo backups. But that’s gonna be very important because it’s only one slot and a I have an idea and photo plus is coming up next week and I’m going to be meeting with the, our people and have a really good idea and it’s something that I could do with my western digital, my passport wireless pro. But that’s a hard drive or an SSD and uh, you know, for durability, purpose, I’d like to go to an SSD version and western digital does have an SSD version of that, but I’m going to meet with the neuro box people and see what they have to offer that a western digital can’t.

First thing I do when I’m backing up to light room is I actually named a keyword this. So, um, I’m actually gonna call it the company I was doing the job for, so I had the key words and I just important. So it’s copying and import right now and that’s gonna take some time. Now I can start putting everything back in the studio, put the equipment back away, unload the bags, put the light stands away, and uh, get everything back to normal for something else going on. Next week at my karate school, my brother in law and a bunch of other purple belts or testing for their brown belt. So I’m recording a video for them that got that setup. No, this is probably, um, one of the most important, if not the most important tool in my entire photography accessory collection and it is a color checker passport. And the reason why it is so important is because I’m colorblind and that helps me in short, accurate color, no matter the lighting situation. And I just realized I put one night stand away when I need it over there for the video set.

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