The most common photography questions

Mack Worldwide Warranty has been serving photographers for a lot of years. In fact, they first started in 1938!

If you’ve been following my blog and my history as a photographer than you know that many years ago I was working for the company. I’ve always kept a good relationship with the people there.  So when a great opportunity presented itself, to partner with them on video content, I jumped at it.

I recently spent some time at their headquarters and spoke with a few employees to gather the most popular questions asked by their photographer customers.

And then I recorded a series of videos in their education room, answering the questions.

Questions like, “what’s better, Nikon or Canon?”

and “Why is my camera not focusing?”

and even “Why is my camera out of focus?”

and even, “What is the best camera for shooting in low light?”

There are more coming, so if you have been curious about these questions, and more subscribe on YouTube to get the rest of the videos as they are published.

And if you have your own question, comment here or on YouTube to ask it.


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