Should Photographers Be On Clubhouse?

Should Photographers Be On Clubhouse? In this video, I talk about if photographers should be on Clubhouse and using Clubhouse on a regular basis. I also talk about how and why it may be very beneficial for photographers. But not all photographers. Is Clubhouse worth it for photographers? You be the judge.

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Hey, this is Scott Wyden. Kivowitz a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you. And I, I think in about, and in this video, we are talking about clubhouse one joint, you might’ve heard of clubhouse. It is the latest social network out there, and photographers are flocking to it. And in this video, I want to just talk about whether photographers should be on clubhouse and why. So what is clubhouse? Clubhouse is an audio social network. It is where you could go and join a room or a club and hop into a conversation with anybody, including Elon Musk, who was on clubhouse the other day. And you could go and you can talk to photographers and you can talk to celebrities and you can talk to just anybody. You might think of NBA players, MMA fighters, and so on, but clubhouse is audio only, meaning you’re not seeing the person face to face. You could put in headphones, or you could just put your phone down and you can listen in. You can just sort of ease, drop on any conversation going on any time. Cause right now at the moment I’m recording this, there are no private rooms. So to speak there, they’re going to have, they’re going to monetize. They’re going to have paid groups and things like that coming where you could go and sign in and, and pay and join the room and have more intimate conversations, but shoot photographers, join clubhouse

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There’s still people talking about Elon Musk be in Columbus, so should photographers join clubhouse. So here’s the thing. If you’re joining clubhouse with the intention of reaching clients, it may not necessarily be the best strategy. Clubhouse is more of an audio version of LinkedIn. So if you are a headshot photographer, it might be good to interact with public speakers and educators and whatnot that are on clubhouse. If you’re a personal brand photographer, sure. Go to clubhouse. But if you are a wedding photographer, should you be on clubhouse? If you’re doing it to learn? Yes. If you’re doing it to reach clients, probably not. You see clubhouse is attracting people to have more of a B2B type conversations, business to business conversations about education, not necessarily conversations about, Hey, does anybody know a wedding photographer in Hawaii? Oh, it’s not happening. So should you join clubhouse? Sure. If you have the time, if you’re getting tired of podcasts, but want a more personalized conversation that you can be a part of and you’re commuting still then yeah. Clubhouse could be a great place to go. But again, if you’re going with the intention of finding clients, you’re going for the wrong intention, in my opinion. And if you do join clubhouse, you can find me at Scott Wyden, check it out. Don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel.

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