Change that crop!

Often times might find yourself cropping photos.  It happens just as it has always happened for so many years.  Cropping is a huge part of photography and is nothing to be ashamed of.  Many photographs will have something that just isn’t worth the cloning time when it is easily cropped out.  Maybe a random persons hand or fingers.  Maybe it is a sign on the edge of the frame.  So you missed it when shooting it.  Big deal.  Most of the time a good photograph will look just as good when cropped differently.

The photo you see above is from Washington DC.  The building in the background is the Capital Building.  It’s not every day you see such a beautiful building not as the focal point of the picture.  I decided to do it a little differently.  In the photo below you can see how just adjusting the crop can make a big difference and really improves the photo.

Please note that I changed the crop in the camera before taking the second picture and not on the computer.  But it could be done either way.

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