Long Exposure in Central Park: Waterfall

When most people are thinking or talking about Central Park, the last thing they think of (usually) is a zoo.

However, a few years ago I went with some friends to walk around the zoo and was shocked to find such a different experience within a New York City park.

If you are ever in the city, and decide to walk around Central Park, I urge you to also visit the zoo as the experience can be well worth it. ¬†Although the waterfall you see here is man made, it’s very interesting to be a zoo and also see the city skyline in the distance.

Notice the puffy nature of the water pouring from the rock? That is because my shutter speed was long enough to blur the water. The longer the shutter speed, the less detail will be in a waterfall. That is one of the many the beauty parts of long exposure photography.

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