Building a DIY Photo Booth using Party Booth

John has since renamed the application to Spark Booth

Since I’m working on building a photo booth I have researched long and hard on how to go about the computer part of it. There are many ways to go about it but I found a very affordable way to do it.

While I am not a fan of Adobe AIR because of how slow the apps typically run and how much memory they usually need, Party Booth is the greatest choice.

I don’t want to share too much detail about how I’m building the booth but I can tell you that it will contain an iMac with Party Booth as its focus. Having a built-in webcam the iMac is the perfect choice for the computer part.

So why Party Booth? The developer, John Wu, not only built a great solution to a DIY photobooth but also gives great support. I have had problems which he figured out and helps me resolve within hours. Oddly enough a big problem was with Adobe AIR but John figured it out.

Since John created Party Booth he has made improvements including some of my own suggestions. You can have the software automatically upload your photos to Facebook or a Twitter service. John is also looking into incorporating other services like Zenfolio and SmugMug as automated uploads. The software will save the images and print them if desired.

The best part is that having the photo booth built around an iMac the users really will never know that they are looking at an Apple computer. Party Booth can load full screen to take complete control over the computer.

By using a remote, keyboard or usb button set as the “space” key the booth users can take their own pictures.

Party Booth will also add your custom designs to the photo booth files so you can customize it for different events.

I really do feel John has something great going here so go check out software. There is a limited demo you can try. Until January 31st, 2010 the software is only $28 so hop on it now if you think you may want to build a photo booth in the future.

Party Booth Requires:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, or Linux
  • Webcam
  • Adobe AIR

If John can incorporate the use of a digital SLR as the camera source then the app could capture amazing quality images instead of webcam quality. But like I said, the application is a great start at a low price!

note: I do not make any commission off the sales. I really believe in this app and its future.

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John has since renamed the application to Spark Booth

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  1. I’ve never used Party Booth, but I hope your project went well.

  2. I’d love to have a photo booth in my wed but I live in mex and in my city there are no photobooths for rent so I want to build my own. I’m interested in a softaware to do that but I just couldn’t find the option where I can buy the software in the link you gave above. I’d appreciate your help thanks

    1. Partybooth has been renamed to Sparkbooth. Link is above.

  3. Very interesting and I have seen the update to Sparkbooth.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen Instaprint? It’s an awesome concept for a party or event – I could see amazing for an entire wedding – reception, ceremony, before.

    I actually contacted Breakfast NY but they don’t have too much info still. To me it sounds like they may need regional ‘reps’ because from their email back to me they said it would require a staff member or someone to set it up and be at the event too.

    I’m hoping if that’s the case to try and be the one in this area. May be something to look into and become the one in your area. Still hoping to get clarification on it but thought I’d share.

    1. I checked Instaprint out and it looks awesome but you’re right, very little detail.

  4. You are absolutely right Scott. I wish this software would support the DSLR camera. However, since I purchased the Logitech C910 VideoCam, I guess I will give this a try or use it as a backup system for my photo booth.

    I am currently looking at Breeze Remote software. I currently have a Nikon D7000 (will get an old one off ebay soon), Lenovo Q150 mini computer, and a 19 inch monitor. I is still a WIP (work in progress) and I will soon have it up and running soon.

    Thanks for this article. Oh, and the price of Sparkbooth is reasonable!

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