Book Recommendation: HDR Photography Secrets for Digital Photographers

Rick Sammon is a very well-known photographer who loves to share his knowledge with the community. Rick not only gives many workshops each year but also started the website Digital Photo Experience where he and his colleagues share many photography tips.  From what I understand many refer to Rick Sammon as the godfather of the photo industry.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Rick a few months back and can tell you that he is a super nice guy.

One thing that Rick is known for shooting is HDR Photography.  I often see him post new photos on his blog and Twitter.  Just as any good teacher would do, Rick likes to share how he processed the photos.  He will share if he used Photomatix, Topaz Adjust or any other software and plugin.  In Rick’s book “HDR Photography Secrets for Digital Photographers” he shares in-depth details about how he goes about his HDR Photography.  He shares tips on seeing the color,direction and quality of light and contrast.  He also have great insight on avoiding noise and chromatic aberrations.  Pick up a copy of Rick Sammon’s new HDR book from Amazon and give it read.  I am very glad that I added his book to my HDR photography library.

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