Better Wifi Signal for Your Home or Studio

Better WiFi signals are easy to come by, but may not be obvious for everyone. Having worked for a home for over a decade I can share many insights into how to improve the WiFi signal in your home or studio. Having a better WiFi signal, and better WiFi, in general, has many benefits, and a good signal or speed, can impede on the work you do. In this video, I share devices that can help make the WiFi incredible anywhere in your home or in your photo studio.

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If you need better wifi in your house, in your studio, whatever it is, I’ve got the solution for you. And it’s one that you may have heard of, you may have been exploring, but I’m going to put my confidence behind this one. Hey, this has got one gift was a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. And in this video we’re talking about eeros that’s right. This is an Eero E R O. And this is a mesh wifi network. If you were in a house that has poor internet in certain parts of your house, or if you’re in a studio where the internet, the wifi, I mean, not hardwired. Ethernet is poor in certain parts of the studio and you need to improve it. Then you need to pick up a mesh network device. Now, there are a bunch of mesh network devices that are in different price levels.

The least expensive of them is the Google home wifi system. And it is the least expensive for a reason, offers the least amount of customization and speed and things like that. Then there is the IRO, which there are multiple levels of the IRO and Eero is actually was acquired by Amazon. So now they’re an Amazon brand. Euro is also a mesh network. There are multiple types. There are the pro hubs, which this one actually is on a wall Mount. So I can actually put it on an outlet and it let it dangle versus letting it sit on a table. This is a satellite that just plugs into an outlet. And then there are now the pro six versions, which actually are our wifi six versions that all sit on top of a desk and have faster speeds. These are the previous generation of wifi, which have a cap of 300 megabytes.

A second wifi six has a cap of 600 or so megabytes a second through wifi. In addition to Eero and Google home’s wifi, there is another one called Orbie. That is the more expensive of the mole, and also requires a little bit more configuration because the interface isn’t, as user-friendly, as the eeros are all three are good. All three would do a nice job to get you a good wifi signal where there’s dead zones, but I’ve been using arrows in my house, in my studio for a couple years now. And I have now switching to the six versions of the euros. So I can, because I have a gigabit connection, I want faster wifi. So that’s why I’m switching to the Euro. Sixes, take more advantage of the gigabit connection that I have. And by the way, if you have a NASA, you could actually use the pro unit instead of the little satellites and actually have ethernet ports in here, which allow you to through wifi, still use ethernet.

So your nest devices could still get internet, even when you don’t have an either net, port, port readily accessible. So I have these all over the place. I have it just enough, cause you don’t want too many. You don’t want too little. You want to make sure that you’ve got your, your property, whatever you’re putting it completely covered. If you have a garage where you have a smart garage door opener, you might want one of these satellites in your garage. If have something outdoors, you can’t do outdoors with Eero. There is no outdoor unit. I think Orbie has an outdoor unit. Google does not have an outdoor unit. I’m sure eventually Euro will also have an outdoor unit, but I will tell you that with the pro units and how wide that spreads, especially with the six versions, uh, I get the outdoors covered anyway, because they’re just that good.

So yeah, the older eeros, which are really not that old at the point of me recording this video, it’s about two years older. So they are still really good and they still make them, they still sell them. The pro units are better because they give you the ether net pores, and they give you extra, uh, radio signals to extend the range of everything with the arrows. You could also upgrade to the IRO secure and have some, some privacy settings and ad blockers and things like that. Inside the app, you can control everything right there, which is really nice because it gives you that sense of safety that you’re kids or, or guests in your studio may not be, or will not be browsing things or searching for things. They should not be. The IRO secure also comes with one password. If you go to the secure plus it could even block malware from entering your network, which is really cool.

Now it’s worth noting that if you do add this, you really to take full advantage of what these offer you want to set your router. If you have a modem router, one device that does both, you want to turn off the wifi on your homes, modem, or studios, home router. You don’t want both because then you’re going to have two wifi has going that could conflict and cause some problems. So make sure you turn off the wifi on the modem router. If you just have a modem and you have a router, just take away your router and plug the IRO into your modem directly. I recommend euros over the others because of user experience, they are ways. Or do you use as far as I can tell than the others, Google home is also very easy. And like I said, less expensive, but you also get less out of it. Check out eeros I will link to it in the description below. You can check them out on Amazon. You can buy them direct from Amazon direct from era, whichever you want. Check it out. See in the next video I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday, whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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