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In this video, I share my recommended list of the most fantastic YouTube channels for photographers and why I think they are. Please consider subscribing to the channels if you think they’re a good fit for your YouTube viewing experience.

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Man, that YouTube has a lot of great video content with all of this content. Where’s your photographers? Spend their time. In this video, we’re going to talk about just that question. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz us storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. In this video, we’re going to talk about all of my recommended YouTube channels for photographers to subscribe to 18 YouTube photography channels that you should be subscribing to and why. The first YouTube channel that you should be subscribing to is aperture. Aputure is a video light company used by a lot of the top YouTubers. Aperture makes fantastic led video lights. Some of them are affordable, some of them are not, but their YouTube channel share some extremely educational tutorials and video lighting moment lens. Yeah. They make mobile lenses for phones like for this one, but their YouTube channel has a lot of great tutorials on creating great photos, creating great videos, and they’re really entertaining.

My friend Ben Hartley is a fantastic photographer and educator and he’s got a way with words. He is somebody that will inspire you on a daily basis. f64 academy from my friend Blake Rudis, shares Fantastic Photoshop tutorials that anybody can follow and digest quite easily. Corey Potter is fuel your photos is the best resource for photographers to learn about Seo in this day and age. Mango street are a beautiful couple that shares educational content and tutorials around creating videos and photos and they’re extremely artistic. Now you’ve probably heard of Peter Mckinnon. He is somebody who is always striving for excellence in his video content and well, he’s always pushing his own limits and always experimenting and learning new things and teaching those new things. He’s a he. That’s a channel that everybody should be subscribing to. Phillip and Eileen Bloom are educators and photographers and their passion truly shines through every piece that they put out.

Of course, you should be subscribing to my YouTube channel, so click subscribe right now. If you are digging this video so far and, hit that notification, bell karate kick it even. You probably want to see what’s coming in the future. Mastin Labs is the goat to film replica for Lightroom. They make Lightroom presets that literally replicate film that you love, but they also have awesome educational content on a variety of photography topics. Photo Focus is probably a website you’ve heard of. They’ve got a blog, but the podcasts, they also have a great channel where they share tutorials on software lighting, techniques posing, and much more photographers. Adventure club is from my friend nick out in Arizona and he’s got your regular show. That is great. It shows lots of product reviews and discussions, sort of like a round table type thing. Check that out if you are a fan of live shows than checkout photo Joseph.

He does daily live shows and really just a lot of great content on a variety of topics. Video and photo. Sean Tucker creates stunning imagery and he shares a lot of behind the scenes on his YouTube channel. My friend Tamara Lackey has the ReDefined show and a bunch of other content outside of that show that will truly teach you how to create better photographs of children, of people in general and now even animals and insects who. The Art of photography is one that goes way beyond just reviews and tutorials. Ted Forbes digs deep into some of the photographers that you know and love. My friend Rachel Brenke, he has The LawTog and teaches law legal things for photographers. Check that out, but no, she’s not your lawyer unless you pay her money. To be togs in business is where Julie Christie can teach you about business on a variety of genres in photography.

Now I know that I said I had 18 and that was 18, but I’ve got. I got three bonus channels that I hope that you will check out as well. By the way, did you click subscribe yet? Because if he didn’t, now’s a good time to. Brian Matiash is a friend of mine and he’s got a great channel where your shares a variety of tutorials as well, but he also has a show called the no name photo show and it’s sort of a back and forth discussion on whatever is happening in photography today. Check out Brian Matiash’s other channel The No Name Photo show. Matt Kloskowski, who used to work for Kelby One but a couple of years ago, went out on his own and he shares a large amount of educational videos about photo editing and photoshop in on one in Lightroom and many, many others and less but definitely not least is one that I have only discovered more recently, but I’ve already become a big fan of her work.

The Snap Chick, she does some product reviews and she does some lighting tutorials and some photo tutorials. It’s really easy to digest her content. She’s relatable and she’s just a. she’s just a. she’s just great on camera, so definitely check out her channel as well. The snapchat, there you have it. That’s a variety of YouTube channels that I recommend you check out. I’m going to link to them all in the description below, but please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel right now. Hit that subscribe button, hit it now, don’t forget you’re supposed to hit it. Did you hit her yet? Did. Did you hit it yet? And don’t forget that notification bill. Thanks for watching.

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