Best Photo Lab – Which Photo Print Lab Should You Use

The best photo lab is one that you have tested and love the results. But there are a few things you should always look for when choosing the best photo lab for your photography.

– Excellent quality of prints and packaging
– Fast printing and affordable shipping
– Easy ordering process

Additionally, you should compare a lot of labs. I have tried countless labs, and unfortunately, some of them just don’t meet my standards. Colors are way off, the craftsmanship is bad and the list can go on.

So please test them all out for yourself before you decide.

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Wedding photographers more than any other type of photographer know that a lab one print lab will be different and higher quality or add more value for their business than other labs. But wedding photographers are not the only photography. I mean even landscape photographers order prints. In fact, a lot of the times landscape photographers will make their money from selling prints to clients. When it comes to choosing a good lab for your photography business, there are three things that you want to look out for. One, excellent quality of prints and packaging, two, fast printing and delivering and three easy ordering system. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about and in this video I want to talk about prints and print labs that photographers utilize, should utilize or should consider utilizing.

Before we get started, I just want to say thank you to both masc worldwide warranty. I partner with Mack Worldwide warranty on all of my videos including this one and the last one and the next one. I get a Mack Worldwide warranty on all of my photography equipment, including the camera I’m filming on right now. I also want to say thank you to Imagely. I work full time for Imagely. My nine to five is working for Imagely. Imagely makes WordPress themes, plugins and turnkey websites for photographers and Imagely just made a huge announcement, which I’ll talk about in a little bit. So how do you choose a print lab? Well, my recommendation is to choose a print lab on your own testing. Try out a print lab, try out a bunch of print labs, but please don’t try out a print lab that has emailed you out of the blue offering.

You free prints. You don’t want to waste your time on print labs that will not have good quality output. Typically those are the print labs that do Groupon deals. Just avoid those. And when I say pre-lab, I’m also not talking about the Costcos and the CVS is and the targets and all of those. I am talking about professional photo labs that will process and print and deliver your professional photographs. So when you were choosing a lab, find a lab that will offer you a sample set of prints. Sometimes they will do the sample set of prints for free sometimes and you just pay for shipping. Sometimes they will do these pref, these, these sample sets at a discounted rate. Let’s say you get a whole pack of a variety of four by six is five by 78 by tens and it’s like $5 so you pay a very small price which is heavily discounted.

For years I have been using the same company to process and print and deliver 100% of my canvas prints. I have canvas print on my own walls in my house. I’ve canvas prints in my studio. I have canvas print on my client’s walls and the who prints that is called artistic photo canvas, artistic photo they are based out of Florida and they hand make every single product and the owners see every single product that leaves their door. Artistic. Photo canvas is rebranding as the Lux prints and they are soon to be offering even more than just canvases. They already offer metal. They red are already offer standard print, but they are rebranding and rebuilding their system to offer book prints. So like, like like other labs, which we’ll talk about a little bit that you can order a lot in bulk easily. Right now their system is sort of meant for one at a time.

But one of the beautiful things about artistic photo canvas, Lux prints is that you can basically choose the size you want. You can actually make, if you have a panoramic panoramic print a photo and you want to make a canvas of it, they can do it. They custom make the sizes and the prices are super competitive, highly comparable to all the others, but the others only have standard sizes. One thing I love about artistic photo canvas is they don’t charge for certain add ons that others do. They also will manually color correct everything that leaves, they manually put on the protective coating. They manually stretch everything over the frames and so on. Artistic photo canvas is my go to and it will remain my go to for all my canvas work. Next up is M pics and M picks pro and Millers. They are all the same company and is their consumer line and pics pro is their professional line and Miller’s is really meant for wedding photographers specifically, but they all offer the same products a M picks.

If you get some product from MPX it will likely have an pics logo somewhere on it. Not not necessarily on your photo, but maybe on the back end Pix pro will not and the prices might be a little bit better. And then Miller’s is basically the same thing, but again it’s more tailored for wedding photographers. And pics has a beautiful system for ordering print. It is very consumer friendly and pics pro utilizes Rose, which is a software that most photographers dread using. So I get it. And then Millers also uses Rose. And again, I don’t know why they have three brands. They should just have one or two. They should have the consumer and they should have the professional and that’s it. There’s no reason for the third now. And pics offers some great quality prints, I believe. Don’t quote me on this cause I’m not a hundred percent certain, but I believe they’re automatic, that their color correction is automatic, while albeit it’s good.

The output is, is really good, but I believe it’s automatic color correction. They also do white labeling and all that kind of stuff that the other prolapse do. I’ve used epics and epics pro for a lot of different things, including a book that just went out to a client about a week ago and they love it and they actually opted for the branded one two. It actually saved them money and it has the Ampex logo on the last page of the book. Next up is Loxley color, and I am in the U S I do not live in the U K so I won’t be ordering from Loxley color. However, they are the comparative lab to an [inaudible] pro. So they use a Rose and they have the same products and, and the, and the processes that are the same, except they’re in the UK, not in the United States. So if you in the UK and you want a really good lab checkout Loxley color, technically they’re in Scotland, so you have that.

Sticking with that side of the world is white wall. White wall is a amazing company. You may or may not have heard of white wall fair photographer, basically white walls, a company who has been making the prints. They’ve been printing the print, the photographs for most of the major art galleries around the world, including the United States. They are based in Berlin, Germany. Their specialty is a Krillick acrylic plastic transparent material. The print behind they, they have save print and they sandwich in acrylic and the air stunning. They’re absolutely beautiful. If you’re a fan of metallic metal prints like on aluminum, you should definitely check out these acrylic photos from white wall. Now white wall, the prices are great. The shipping to the United States is actually fantastic because they ship artwork to New York city and whatnot all the time. So they basically ship your print with their own stuff that go into the galleries and that saves you money.

Amazing. They have a bunch of different mountings options. They also do regular print, regular paper prints, but their specialty is the are the acrylic prints. Next time we had a trade show check out white wall. They do the U S trade shows. Amazing, amazing and their ordering system is beautiful. The last company I want to talk about, his white house custom color, also known as w H CC out of the United States they acquired pro DPI, so now they’re, it’s two technically two labs. They have like six different facilities in the United States. They’re all over, which means that they process and print fast. The delivery is fast and the quality is amazing. Again, I believe that their, that their color correction is automatic like [inaudible] but white house custom color has been the GoTo Prolab for wedding photographers in the United States for many years and so that makes them one of the top dog, so to speak.

I am Millers, which is epics and epics pro also is very popular. They’ve been very popular for many years too. The products are very comparable between the two. There’s slight differences. I just prefer white house for most of the client work. The downside to white house is that they have a horrible ordering system. It’s Rose software, which again, hot photographers really hate, but that is what is used. But here’s an advantage of white house. I mentioned that Imagely just had made a huge announcement. Imagely makes a WordPress plugin with a million users called NexGen galleries. They were press gallery plugin. It usually also has a premium version of that. The next thing galleries free there is a premium version called NexGen pro, which is starts at I believe $149 a year and gives you e-commerce proofing, digital downloads, print sales of your photographs on your website, meaning you don’t have to send somebody to a smuggler, you don’t have to send somebody to a Zenfolio, you don’t have to send somebody anywhere else.

They’re on your site like they are anyway and the order they proof all the stuff on your site. Thanks to NextGen gallery and extra pro from Imagely. Nextgen pro has ordinated print fulfillment inside of WordPress, inside of NextGen gallery in nextgen pro and the integration starts with white house custom color WHCC, which means that you can have all this on your site, have your client order your their prints and have them shipped directly to them from white house custom color in a white label box with your information on it. It’s beautiful, it’s amazing. It’s fast, it’s easy, no commissions, low annual fee and you set your markups. Now the integration is only with white house custom color first. That means that we can only ship to the United States and Canada. Imagely. We’ll be adding additional labs in the UK. Next likely locks of color, but Imagely needs to know what you want. So just send a slash image really and share what lab you would like to see integrated in side of gen pro. So those are the top labs in my opinion, for photographers to consider and to utilize and so on. If you have your suggestion of your favorite lab comment below, I’d like to hear it as well. Thank you to Mac world warranty and for imagery for partnering with me on this video.

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