The Best Nikon GPS – Dawntech Eco Pro-F Review

The Eco Pro-F is the best Nikon GPS.  I have been using the Dawntech di-GPS Pro for many years now. I am extremely excited to share my thoughts on the new Dawntech GPS for Nikon DSLR cameras.  The Eco Pro-F is compact but packs the same GPS power and weather sealing as the di-GPS Pro.


The Eco Pro-F supports the Nikon DSLR bodies with 10-pin ports.  It is a direct replace of the Nikon GP-1 and uses less than 1/3 of the power consumption of the GP-1.  It is weather sealed for moisture and dust.  The Eco Pro-F has 66 GPS channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition. An important feature is the built-in 10-pin connector for remote shutter release.  That means photographers can capture long exposures, HDR and more while geotagging their photographs.

Check out my video review.

The Eco Pro-F has replaced my di-GPS as a full-time GPS on my cameras.  The di-GPS will now serve as a backup or if I need both bodies at the same time.  I highly recommend picking up an Eco Pro-F if you have been searching for a GPS for your Nikon camera.   It really is the best Nikon GPS.

Pick up your Eco Pro-F from Amazon or directly from Dawntech.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


Update 9/23/13: The best just got better.  Dawntech recently announced the Eco Pro-F with a locking ring so it doesn’t fall out of the 10-pin connector.

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  1. Hi,
    I am using a gps-pro unit for my Nikon D800. Although i am very happy with its technical capabililities i have problems with it. I am using gps unit number THREE at thIS moment. The problem with all the previous ones AND with the current one is that the “thru” connector to a remote control cord gives me a lot of headaches. None of the units are able to make a stable connection, sometimes there is a xonnection with my remote xontrol, sometimes there is no connection at all. I am using original Nikon remotes, tried a few different ons and also the cord that comes with the triggertrap remote gives this sort of problems. anyone else tried remote controls and have this problems?
    Charles from The Netherlands

    1. I’ve had no issues with my Eco Pro-F, so if you are I would suggest contacting Dawntech.

  2. I’ve used the Di-GPS pro unit for a couple of weeks on my Nikon D800. It seems to work pretty well, but it’s very difficult to attach to the camera with the lens attached. Obviously, this depends on which lens you use, but for my most commonly used lenses, it’s very difficult. With some lenses it won’t attach unless I remove the the connector cover on the Di-GPS. I wish there were a model that didn’t have this problem.

    1. Yup, it’s not tiny enough to be out of the way. I leave mine attached and just work around it when I need to change lenses.

  3. We have used the unit on our Nikon cameras (D700 & D810) for our last two overseas holidays. On the first holiday they were generally ok except the occasional North Pole coordinates.
    On the second holiday in Jordan & Egypt they were again ok in Jordan but when we got to Egypt they would give the “last known position” for a long time even though I would turn on the camera as soon as I got out of the car and kept pressing the shutter until I got a steady green light. My wife’s gave accurate positions in Cairo and even though we traveled for several weeks down the Nile, flew back to Cairo and then drove to Alexandria and back the GPS coordinates stayed on to the “last known position” in Cairo.

    1. Sounds like you might need to contact Dawntech about it.

  4. I am looking for a GPS that stays on 100% while the camera is on. No sleep down or wake up tricks please. Does the the Eco Pro-F stay up 100% while the camera is on ?

    1. I believe the Eco Pro-F stays on as long as your camera is on.

      1. Only if you set the Nikon Standby timer (c2 on D810) to Infinity = No limit.

  5. The Nikon GP-1 draws more power but works fine if you set the Nikon Standby timer (c2 on D810) to infinity = No limit, and carry an extra camera battery.

    1. The Nikon GPS is also bulkier as it requires a wire, where the Dawntech model does not.

  6. Just received the di-GPS Eco ProFessional 2 w/digital Compass and was wondering if I’m able to change the following:
    *Time to match the camera’s time – as I set the time to whatever time zone I’m in – the GPS is set to (0 UTC) currently I need it set to (-7 UTC)
    *Is there a way to change from meters to imperial?

    I could find nothing in the user manual to make these adjustments.

    1. I’m unaware if you can change the UTC, but the camera should definitely auto adjust its time to the GPS’s time.

  7. Does it connect with GPS and GLONASS satellites?

  8. Dear Scott,

    Do you have expirience with di-GPS Geotagger Eco ProFessional 2 in combination with Nikon WR-10? Do I can stack them? Does the Power is bypassed from di-GPS to Nikon WR-10?

    Best regards,

    1. I have never used the WR-10, so I can’t say for sure. Sorry, Erich.

  9. Dear Scott,
    I recently purchased di-GPS Geotagger Eco ProFessional 2 DC (with compass) and used it intensively with Nikon D810 last days. All photos were taken in good weather conditions: sunny days, few clouds, area of approx. 10×10 km. My first impressions are not good. The device is not accurate as expected – apart of using too often “last known postion” the “mean accuracy” was not better than 10-15 meters. The “heading” data were neither good – very rare di-GPS recorded right “heading” data so it is not reliable at all. I do know why almost every “first shot” after short break (5-10 minutes) was without GPS registration. So finally for my job it is simply unreliable. Before di-GPS I used Genesis GPS-N which I bought for fraction of the price of di-GPS but which was more accurate and reliable. The reason I had to change the device was that the cables connecting the GPS-N with body were of very poor quality and I had to replace it very often and finally I could not find it any more in Poland. Greetings, Bogdan

    1. Hallo again, in meantime I used my di-GPS in the Always-On-Mode and the accuracy improved significantly. Moreover there were no photos taken without the registration of position. So the manuals should be read carefully.
      It is also worth to mention that I did not notice any influence of the Always-On-Mode for the battery – I used the di-GPS on my camera the whole day.
      I still can not find the reason of wrong readings of heading in some photographs, although it also improved when the device is in Always-On-Mode.
      I received a lot of support from Dawntech in Hong Kong who helped me to solve my problem, and regretfully I did not receive any support (even an answer on my numerous e-mails) from the German distributor. Best regards, Bogdan

  10. Where can I buy it in the US?

  11. Hello,

    thanks for taking the time to provide the review. I note you live in Vancouver (or did). Do you know of a Canadian supplier?


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