The Best Free Photo Editing Software

Many amateur photographers find themselves facing the challenge of editing photos. There are a lot of amazing paid photo editing software options, but not everyone wants to spend money.  Thankfully, there are many free photo software software available today. However, with so many choices, it can be difficult to decide which program is the best.

Free Photo Editing Software

Here are some of the best free photo editing software available:


Photoscape includes many features yet remains easy to use. The viewer is less than spectacular; although, it gets the job done adequately. The viewer gives users a thumbnail view with folders listed along the side. In addition, a larger preview window is provided.

Photoscape’s editing feature boasts many functions. This feature, along with multiple adjustments and effects, can be used to manipulate photos. Features range from a one click auto-level and contrast to advanced color curves.

After editing photos, the user is given the option of backing up the original photo before saving. Moreover, undo buttons are provided to erase any changes the user is not pleased with.

Another helpful feature of Photoscape is the batch editing feature. This allows users to edit multiple photo files simultaneously and saves time when multiple photos require the same edits.

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GIMP is often referred to as the free version of Photoshop, the most advanced photo-editing software application. Unfortunately, GIMP has a very steep learning curve similar to Photoshop. Because GIMP is volunteer-developed, update frequency could be an issue.

GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It can be used as a simple paint program or for expert photo retouching. Creating images and animations is also possible with GIMP. Retouching features include painting, selection and drawing tools, selections masks, paths, color adjustments and layers, and channel support just to name a few.

Ultimate Paint

Ultimate paint is a full-featured 32-bit Windows graphics program. It can be used for image creation, viewing and manipulation. A variety of versions of Ultimate Paint are available.

This program comes complete with a flexible brush handling method. This is great to use with creative drawing. Ultimate Painting is similar in style to Deluxe Paint. Users who enjoy using Deluxe Paint will enjoy Ultimate Painting.

Ultimate Painting also allows users to enhance and retouch photos. Features include rotating, resizing, flood filling, text and much more. Ultimate Painting allows users to adjust settings to match their skill level. Ultimate Painting is a great program for both novice users and those experienced with photo editing software.


PhotoFiltre is a great pixel-based image editor. Users find it especially helpful when working with digital photos. It does lack layers along with some other limitations to the user’s creativity. However, the filter bar feature of PhotoFiltre is very handy. It allows quick access to important image adjustment tools. The filter bar allows even novice users the ability to easily manipulate photos.

These are some of the best free software programs available. Any novice photographer will find them sufficient when editing digital photos.

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