How To Batch Process Photos In Lightroom

lightroom-batch-processingDo you wonder how to do batch processing in Adobe Lightroom? It may not be the most obvious task inside of Lightroom, but it’s there.

In fact, there are multiple ways to do it.

But before I get into that, I need to tell you what batch processing is.

Let’s say you have a series of photos, all from the same location, with the same lighting. These photos might be slightly underexposed. So you want to brighten them all up, in one clean swoop.

To do this, you need a batch feature.  Something that can make the changes you want, to a group of photos.

Batch processing is great for white balance, for exposure, for color and many other things.

As you can see in the video, there are multiple methods of batch processing inside of Lightroom. One of the easiest is to make a preset which is then used on each of the photos you want to be edited.

The other way, which is quite fast, is to edit the first photo in the series, and then sync the settings across the rest.

Doing so will magically edit each of the photos the same way as the first. Neat, right?

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