Balcar to Bowens Mount – Convert Paul C Buff to Bowens System

Switching from Paul C Buff lights to any light brand that uses the Bowens mount means either buying new light modifiers or converting existing modifiers. The less expensive approach is a mount change. In this case, the Buff light modifiers offer the ability to remove the Balcar flange and replace it with a Bowens flange. In this video, you will see how to do it.

It’s possible that the size will be slightly too small for the Buff modifier. If it is, I recommend using washers to fill the gap and make the mount strong. Otherwise, there is a risk of disconnection.


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  1. Hi Scott,
    Appreciate your info on switching from Balcar to Bowens. What would you suggest be used for a PCB 22″ beauty dish and a bowens mount?

    1. If it’s a Buff modifier then the mounting system would be the same as what I shared in the video. So you can use the same conversion product I shared as well.

    2. To (permanently) convert a Paul C Buff beauty dish to Bowens mount, get a low-profile Bowens speed ring (such as available at, carefully center it on the back of the beauty dish over the Balcar flange…and just bolt it in place. Drill three equidistant holes through the speed ring for 1/8-inch bolts, install the bolts with nuts and lock washers, put some red Locktite on them if you’re a belt-and-suspenders person, and you’re ready to go.

      1. Sure, you could do that. But for those who don’t want to drill things, the method I share in the video works really well.

  2. The PCB Beauty Dish does NOT have the flange like the softbox; the flange is basically part of the beauty dish. I’m also looking for that solution myself. Thanks for the video on the softbox conversion – I’m following in your footsteps!

    1. The PCB Beauty Dish has a down by size flange than the other PCB softboxes. The PCB beauty dish has a 130mm flange that is removable like the other softbox flanges. Anyone know where to find one?

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