Balcar to Bowens Mount – Convert Paul C Buff to Bowens System

Switching from Paul C Buff lights to any light brand that uses the Bowens mount means either buying new light modifiers or converting existing modifiers. The less expensive approach is a mount change. In this case, the Buff light modifiers offer the ability to remove the Balcar flange and replace it with a Bowens flange. In this video, you will see how to do it.

It’s possible that the size will be slightly too small for the Buff modifier. If it is, I recommend using washers to fill the gap and make the mount strong. Otherwise, there is a risk of disconnection.


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  1. Hi Scott,
    Appreciate your info on switching from Balcar to Bowens. What would you suggest be used for a PCB 22″ beauty dish and a bowens mount?

    1. If it’s a Buff modifier then the mounting system would be the same as what I shared in the video. So you can use the same conversion product I shared as well.

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