The new Apple Power Bank

While Apple does not have an official power bank for iPhones, I believe they are working on it. It’s only natural for them to take the battery design from the iPhone battery cases and turn them into a MagSafe accessory. In this video, I share the closest thing to what Apple would release as the Apple Power Bank.

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This is the power bank that Apple needs to make And refine.

Hey, this is Scott Wyden, kibbutz, a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. And in this video, we’re going to be talking about a power bang for Mac safe. This is my iPhone 12 pro max. As you can see, I have the leather case on here with a maxi wallet that’s attached. And when you put it on and when you take it off, it’s very identifiable as a Mac safe product. One of the things that has always bothered me about iPhones or phones in general, that have built in batteries that can not be swapped out, which is basically most smartphones. These days is that the power banks are always something you have to plug into. Now more recently companies like mofi and anchor have made cheap style chargers as power banks, where you take your device and you just sit it on top of it.

But the problem is is that if you’re holding the device, they don’t stay. They’ll literally just slide off. I’ve always wanted a power bank for my phones that would just attach to the back. And there were companies who made it, but you had to have their case and you couldn’t just use a regular Apple case. You couldn’t just use no cases. You had to use a specific thing. Well, now that is changing charge fast as a company who makes power banks. And this is a, it’s a five X power, and this looks like a regular power bank. It has a USB C port for charging and then a regular USB B port for outputting to a device. But it’s also a G charger. So you can take any smartphone that uses cheap charging and put it on there, and it will start charging the phone. What they did is even cooler. You can take the power bank and magnetize it, using Mac safe to the phone, or you’re gonna do is pick the button to turn it on. You’ll see the lights come on the same. Now it’s charging. Now the nice thing about this is that I can use my phone as I am charging it. I can even play video games if I want, as I’m charging it. And I don’t have to worry about this thing falling off. It is not going anywhere. Maxi is actually really strong of a magnet. It has the limit, but for the most part, this is not going anywhere until when you’re all done. You literally

Just pull it off the phone.

So I would love to see Apple make this, but I would refine a couple of things. Now, if you are familiar with Apple’s battery cases, the silicone cases that they have made you’ll know that it’s pretty thin. It’s got a tiny bump where the battery is in the case. Now imagine if you have a leather or a silicone case, and then you have the power bank, which actually matches that case, whether it’s silicone or leather wrapped, and it’s thinner than this, this is pretty thick. This is a 5,000 milliamp battery. Not as much as my anchor battery pack, but pretty good for one that just snaps onto the back of the phone. But imagine if this was something that looked more like the phone, so it looked more organic to your phone case, and it was thinner. Maybe even longer to go closer to the, and maybe even up more to go closer to the lip, the little bezel around the lenses that would make this very sleek.

And I think Apple could even take it a step further and make it so that either Mac safe or a regular charger could also charge the power bank. If you don’t want to use the USB C port and hopefully Apple sticks with the USB STI. So that’s my thoughts on the Apple Mac safe power. I really hope that they go ahead and make something like this. Otherwise charge fast. I will link to this in the description below. Check it out if you don’t have one and you’re looking for something like it and be sure to subscribe.

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