Anker C300 vs Logitech Brio Comparison

This is the ultimate real-world Anker C300 vs. Logitech Brio Comparison. In this video, I show a real-world scenario you would use a quality webcam for. You will see how the video quality, video features, color, HDR, and even audio compare between the Anker C300 and the gold standard, Logitech Brio. You will also see a comparison between the Logitech Camera Settings software and the Anker Works software.

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Another webcam comparison from the gold standard, the logic tech Breo to the new anchor C3 hundred. This is what it looks like. Hey, this is Scott White and give what’s a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. And in this video, I am going to be comparing the lodger tech Breo audio and video to the anchor C3 hundred audio and video. So before we dive into this, I just have to mention that I am recording this using Zencaster. That is a virtual podcast recording platform. It allows me to record podcasts, guests, both audio and video remotely with the best possible audio and video quality that each person can get. Now, the reason that I’m using this is that I wanted to do this comparison in the most realistic way that these webcams would be used. Not with any professional camera.

Obviously I’m using a webcam and not with any professional mic. Typically, if I’m using Zencaster, I’m actually recording with a professional microphone, going into a mixer, going through the computer and so on and so forth. And I have my Nikon is these six as the camera and the video quality and the audio quality is fantastic. But for this, I’ve got the two webcams hooked up to two different computers. The launch tech Breo was hooked up to my iMac and my anchor C3 hundred is hooked up to my Mac book air that is sitting right here in the desk. Now that is why if I happen to bump the desk, you see the shaking because it’s after you’re sitting, both of them are sitting on top of my iMac right now, first things first, you can tell that the angle, the field of view is actually wider on the anchor camera.

And that is because that has 115 degree angle as the widest. Whereas the Breo has a 90 degree angle at the widest. Now both have software that could actually be adjusted. I can make the narrower using, uh, you know, digital zoom cropping and things like that. They’re both 4k sensors. So their cropping is actually almost lossless to a point. One of the thing that the anchor has is actually a I based, uh, auto cropping and things like that. I am going to test that, but, but first before I do, I wanted to just talk a little bit, so you can hear the audio differences. This is the audio of the logic tech Breall. This is what the logic take Breo sounds like I actually, it is a cold day here in New Jersey. So my furnace is actually running. And, uh, so right now you might be hearing that in the background. This is the audio on the anchor C3 hundred. These are the audio on the Eggers D 300. Again, I’m going to be quiet. So let’s see if we can hear the furnace in the background.

Okay. So now what I want to do is I’m actually going to go over to the Mac book air, and I’m going to adjust the anchor settings and let’s see what happens if it first can even do it, uh, in real time, while I’m actually using the webcam in another application for the 115 degree field of view, this is the 90 degree field of view, which actually matches the Breo spot on. I mean, these are basically identical at this point, as far as field of view goes, and this is the 78 field of view. Again, it’s probably getting maybe a little fuzzy, but, but not, not much. Let’s go back to 115 and now what I’m going to do is I’m going to actually go in and Oh, and HDR is on, on both of these webcams, by the way, uh, HDR is on, on the Breo. HDR is on, on the anchor C3 hundred. I can turn HDR off on both. Uh what’s what is basically doing is it’s giving you some more light in the background. And of course my studio is a mess right now, but it is what it is. Okay. So now this is the solo frame mode on the anchor C3 hundred. And in theory, this should start zooming in and follow me around. So if I am to move around and I start going over here, I’m a little further from the camera. So I probably sound horrible,

But really it should be following me around. I don’t see it moving it moving. Let’s see if I go to solo frame.

If I

Go to solo frame, what happens here? I, I don’t see anything happening with that either. So with solo frame, it should be following me and just me. What if I put this over my face, but this in front of the camera?

Anything, nothing, nothing.

Oh, there we go. Look at that. So it just needed a little distraction, but now I am in frame, not the box. So if I was to do this again and I go over here,


It followed me. So that is the AI at work. It is finding my face and noticing that there was something in the way and it’s moving the crop to follow. So by him to now adjust myself, it should still follow along, but that was kind of fun to logic. Breo can not do that. Okay. Back at the 115 degree, and now I’m actually going to turn off HDR. I want you to see what it looks like with HDR turned off

And there you go. This is the anchor C3 hundred with her off. And this is the anchor C3 hundred with HDR on now just like lodge take Breo. The anchor software can also adjust brightness and color and sharpness and contrast and all those different things. So there’s that one thing I like about the anchor works software, the software that drives this webcam is that it can actually do the firmware update inside of the software. Whereas logic texts, camera’s settings app, which is for the Mac that controls logic Breo does not do, um, does not actually do the firmware in it. You have to download the firmware updates, separate and run that separate. I don’t know why they did that. So now what we’re going to do is we we’re actually going to open up camera settings on the iMac and I’m going to do some similar adjustments. So you can see it’s your on and off and that kind of stuff. So this is HDR on with the Breo.

And now this is HDR turned off on the launch of tech prio. This is HDR off, and this is HDR on. And now I’m going to go from standard to widescreen. Something should change. I don’t know if anything is changing. This is a 90 degree, 78 degree, and then 65 degree. And you can see that it’s still very crisp and clear on logic. Take Breo. That sensor does really, really nice job. And then of course, there’s also the ability to adjust, um, focus and all that kind of stuff, uh, white balance and all that fun stuff right here. I can also digitally zoom in thought of the software if I want to, I can digitally zoom in more, um, and adjust everything just like that. It’s pretty cool. How, uh, how nice they make that. So it’s a zoom back out.

Okay. So, um, now what you’re seeing is I’ve got both, I’ve got both webcams, the Logitech Breo was on the left and the anchor C3 hundred is on the right. And I have the software open on my iMac to match how I have it set up on top of my iMac. The audio is actually being recorded right now with my Roadmaster pro. So don’t mind the video and audio being out of sync. I’m not too concerned about that. Uh, this is more just to show you what is happening here. Um, these are the different softwares and this is the main screen of the Logitech camera settings. And this is the main screen of the anchor works settings. You can see here, I can actually go full screen with this if I want, for some reason, I don’t think I need to, you can see that it actually looks clearer. Um, let’s go widescreen. So make sure these match, uh, perfectly

  1. No, here’s something interesting. I don’t know what is going on, but when, when I have these both open side by side and I switch the Logitech camera settings to widescreen the anchor one actually freezes. So that is really interesting. I don’t know what’s going on. And at the moment I switched back to standard. The anchor pops right back in. I don’t, I don’t know, maybe they use the same function or something in the code, and then they’re conflicting if I close a lot, Ditech, it’s perfectly fine. Um, so I’m going to leave it as standard image right now, instead of widescreen. Because again, if I go to widescreen, we freeze now worth noting though. Look at the image quality difference between the Logitech Breo and the anchor. You can see that the Logitech Breo is way clearer than the anchor one is. So again, video wise, the lodger tech video quality outperforms, the anchor video quality, but you’re talking Logitech.

Breo is almost double the price of the anchor C3 hundred. Now you’ll see here. If I go to a device, you’ll see that both of these, you have the option of field of view. The anchor gives you the option of resolution, but again, it’s a 4k sensor. I believe it’s a 4k sensor. No, it may not. It may only be I, so I might’ve been wrong this whole time. It is a 10 80 P sensor. So that’s why the image quality is not as good as the, as the Blodgett Breo, because it’s a 10 80 P, but you’d think it would still be better than how it looks right now. Um, so you can actually switch the frames per second on the anchor where you cannot do that on the, uh, Logitech Breo, which means that the anchor could actually be used for gaming. In fact, if you go to modes, you’ll see that there’s a customizable personal streaming and meeting mode.

So streaming mode like live streaming games or whatever you put it on that to get the higher frames per second, or you would just customize it in the customizable mode. Let’s go to show you, uh, if I go to 78 and 78, you’ll see again, these sort of match up. You’ll see the anchor looks a little bit wider. My face looks a little wider on the anchor than it does on the logistic Breo. Not sure why the angles of the cameras are basically pretty, pretty close on. Uh, let’s go back to the widest. The nice thing is the anchor is much wider. Um, and again, where the anchor can actually outperform the Breo is this auto framing or the solo frame where I can click that and it will automatically follow the face wherever I go. It’s going to follow my face somehow, right? If I go down, well, it didn’t follow me there, but it also has this feature where it has auto frame.

If there’s multiple faces, it automatically get both faces into the frame. Whereas solar frame is only for one face. Then we have this HDR mode so we can turn her off and turn her off. And again, you can see, still looks really good on the Breo, the anchor, it looks a little dull, but it’s still, you know, acceptable for a typical, uh, no conversation under the advanced settings. And then under the image settings on the anchor, this is where you have the brightness, the sharpness, the contrast, all those different settings that you can customize in each app. So there’s not much in the anchor. There’s actually not much in the Breo. I wish that they both had everything that they all had. Um, you can see that the anchor allows you to, uh, flip the camera. So watch this. I can flip the camera on the anchor one, whereas you can’t on the logic take Breo.

So there’s some differences as well. So I just wanted to show you the software. They’re both, both very basic, the way anchor does it. You’re kind of hidden behind this thing. And then you have to close that and you can pop it back open again, but the Breo puts it all below. So that’s kind of nice. And that Bree also lets you customize the zoom. So I can zoom in manually. As I showed you earlier in the video, you can zoom in manually or consume back out. So that’s the difference. The big thing, besides from the video quality, which I think the anchor C3 hundreds is acceptable. You can see right now, it looks really good. It’s crisp, it’s clear. It’s bright. I wish it wasn’t so bright in the background. Whereas the Logitech is actually darker in the background. I feel like the anchor is compensating too much in the background, but the big thing is the audio quality. Which one sounds better. Which one sounds better? Does the Breo sound better or does the anchor sound better? Because video wise,

So that is the, uh, sort of real world comparison between these two cameras. Because really when you’re using a webcam like this, you’d be using the Logitech Breo or the anchor C 300 and something like a zoom or a FaceTime or a Google meet or wherever, but necessarily be using it for full on, you know, YouTube content. But you could live stream stuff like that. You could, but you probably won’t

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