Ai Photo Management & Culling in Lightroom with Optyx

Ai Photo Management is not something you would think is possible with Lightroom Classic. It’s starting to appear in Lightroom, but not Lightroom Classic. But with Ai Photo Management and culling software, Optyx, it is now possible with Lightroom. Optyx is a standalone app that costs $99. It’s fast and smart and can narrow down a huge collection of photos to the best, in seconds. Its Lightroom plugin allows for importing photo sessions directly from Lightroom and then sends the culled rating back to Lightroom. I show how that happens in this video.

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  1. Thanks for sharing … sounded intriguing so ….. just tried it (the free version)…guess the ai is only trained/tuned for people. Tested on a series of landscape images … totally useless at that task no matter the combination of settings I tried (apart from sorting by short time…which doesn’t need something like this). Shame as this could have been an interesting help.

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