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Topaz Labs created AI Gigapixel to help solve a problem that they believe many people have. Let’s say you were sent a JPG file, but it was tiny. For example, a logo sent from a client. But you the file to be a greater resolution. Under normal circumstances, you might have to deal with a fuzzy enlarged image, or recreate the image file. But AI Gigapixel does that for you, using artificial intelligence, and does it fast and effective. It’s quite a powerful tool.

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I have another fantastic piece of software I want to show you. And this is one another one from Topaz labs in it is also one that is AI based artificial intelligence. This is good to go along with my series of artificial intelligence based software reviews and thoughts and things like that. So if you want to see more artificial intelligence based videos, just wait to the end of the video and you can go to a playlist that has additional, you can scroll down to the description below or just wait until you see the car at the end of this video and you’ll be able to, you know, check out those playlists. Now today’s is called Gigapixel, it’s actually called Ai Gigapixel. Artificial intelligence can get pixel and this is the purpose of this is to enlarge images. Now I am not going to do it with a photo and I’m going to do is show you a graphic.

And too many times I come across people who have had logos created for them, had the graphics are so tiny they don’t have the originals and it’s Kinda hard to recreate those logos. And this is the case. This is an image from a company that I work for and their logo that they have, their original logo is a gift and it is a 640 by 480 pixel image. And it is so 27 kilobytes. That’s it. So what I’m going to show you is what can be done with Ai Gigapixel to enlarge this. Now again, remember 27 kilobytes and it’s 640 by four 80 in height. Now remember, if you recall in the last video I did with, um, the jpegs to raw, uh, software from Topaz, I mentioned that it enhances the Jpeg but doesn’t enlarge it. That’s actually where this comes into play because then you can take the raw file and enlarge it.

So here we go. Ai Gigapixel does not read Gif files. First thing I need to do is open up that gift and convert it to a jpeg. So I’m going to open that Gif export and I’m going to just convert that to a jpeg. Simple as that. Now when I’m going to do is I’m gonna take that Jpeg, which again is 35 kilobytes as a jpeg and I’m going to drag it in here and you can see it’s already rendering what it should be like. Look at the file size and wants to make it 2,560 by 1920. And if you look at the preview, you can see the difference in the tech sharpness and everything. It’s actually recreating the pixels. Now you can actually resize it even larger. I can make it six times. And again, look at the difference. You want to look at the actual logo outside the text.

You can change the preview. Look now it’s not going to be perfect. You’re going to see some fuzziness that just comes with it. But at the same time it’s making it much larger. So I’m going to um, just go ahead, hit start. Now again, you can do this in batches and you can even make it even larger than six times. You can specify the scale that you want. But just for the sake of this video, I’m going with six times, which is the largest of the preset sizes. So this might take a little bit. I’m going to hit pause and then we’ll come back, uh, as soon as it’s done. All right, so it would finished. Look at that. So now we have two files. I’m going to just hide this for the time being. And we have two files here. We have the original, and we have the new jpeg.

Here’s the original 35 kilobytes. Here’s the new Jpeg, 1.1 megabytes. All right. And he could see the preview, the difference. Now again, it looks sharper, but at the same time it’s gonna be a little fuzzy. As we start looking, getting in deep, if you start pixel peeping, you can see at a distance it actually looks really good. But when you zoom in, you see Lucy, the edges of the tech star getting a little fuzzy. So again, it’s not perfect. It is not perfect. But look what it did in enlarged an image that I did not have the original and made it really big, which opened up the doors for what you can do with that graphic. Imagine if you do this with a photograph. Let’s take a look. Okay, so we’re right here again, we’ve got a jpeg 77 kilobyte jpeg. We’re going to, let’s just clear this out.

I’m going to drag this j begging here. You can see a 600 by 399 and you can see if I move over here, you actually see this is an eye. That’s where you’ll see that it looks softer, right? It does look softer. Uh, and uh, we’ll make it four times just for the sake of it, just to make things a little bit faster. And we’ll hit start and you’ll see that is actually going to enlarge a photo. Again, you’ll see that it will be softer in some areas and it’d be okay in some areas. But again, the closer you get, the more detailed loss you’ll see. And this is the sort of same sort of thing is if you were take a jpeg and printed on a billboard, the viewing distance is different. So when you’re far away it’ll look fine. Even if it’s a 14 megapixel jpeg versus you know, a giant hundred megapixel raw.

So then you’d go look at that image versus that image. Look at the difference. Right. So Ai Gigapixel actually enhance it. I’m very impressed with the software. I think it does, uh, probably the best job of enlarging and image or image file in general of any software I’ve ever seen. And it’s because of the AI based systems. But I like when companies like Topaz are using it for things that you wouldn’t normally think of, that AI could do, things that could be really useful for more than just photographers like this, which can be used for graphic designers, could use for web to site designers. We use for Brochure Mino, physical marketing, product designers. So many things this could be used for. So good work for Topaz, for making Ai Gigapixel and I can’t wait to share the next AI software that they have been creating. That’s coming up in probably the next video. So again, if you want to see more AI based software videos, just click on the playlist of my AI photography software and, uh, you know, enjoy.

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  1. Scott, I think a more appropriate comparison would be to the result of another method of enlarging images, like that built in to Lightroom or Photoshop or Nik software. How does it perform compared with existing methods?
    Thanks for the video,

    1. This wasn’t a comparison video between software. Just a review of this software alone. With that said, Lightroom and Nik do not enlarge images. They just edit images, so that wouldn’t be a comparison anyway.

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