Adobe Renames Lightroom Again

Adobe has done it again. Adobe renamed Lightroom Again. First Adobe renamed Lightroom to Lightroom Classic CC. Then they released a “light” version of Lightroom and called it Lightroom CC (instead of Lightroom Elements). Now, almost two years later, Adobe is renaming Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom Classic.

Turns out, since recording this rant/video, Adobe also decided to change the name of Lightroom CC to just Lightroom. Which makes a complete 360, since the original name of Lightroom Classic was Lightroom. So this further added to the confusion.

Adobe, so why not listen to your prerelease testers and have kept Lightroom as Lightroom and called Lightroom CC something else, like Lightroom Elements?

I really don’t get it.

Lightroom user, sorry you have to be confused by Adobe’s name change nonsense. Sorry to all the developers who have to deal with customer service issues that come up from Adobe’s name change.

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I just can’t figure out if Adobe is listening to its users, to its Beta testers, to everybody or if they just don’t give her, hey, this is Scott one give with a storyteller with a camera and talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about Adobe just announced to the pre release Beta testers that Adobe Lightroom classic cc is being Nate renamed to Adobe Lightroom classic. If you recall when light room was renamed to Lightroom classic cc, I released a video which you can watch right there. I released that video talking about the name confusion, how all the Beta tests or we’re saying do something like make Lightroom cc Lightroom elements and leave light room as light room. Adobe didn’t listen. Adobe did not listen and they renamed blight room to Lightroom classic CC and they came out with a new light room which is Lightroom, cc and confuse.

Everybody confuses all their users and they continue to confuse all their users and they make things more difficult for developers who make plugins for Lightroom. Classic CC. While now as of the Beta version 8.3, they are renaming Lightroom classic cc to light room classic. They’re just adding to the confusion they shared was listened to all the Beta testers from beginning. Now this video is coming out right around the time when Adobe is announcing this change, uh, publicly and, and releasing that version. I am not legally allowed to share this news ahead of time, NDAs and all. But it’s happening. It is happening. Your light room world is about to change again and get more confusing. So here it comes. Thinks Adobe for confusing all of your light room users yet again. Next time, listen to your pre release testers. Hi. And if your Adobe light room user, I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this. I know it’s a problem. I know it’s a headache. I know it’s a hassle.

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  1. Hilarious if it was not so frustratingly preventable. Big businesses are a lot like government bureaus. Eventually the inmates are running the asylum. After I finished I just laughed out loud and realized our mutual friend, Blake Rudis, never has to deal with Lightroom issues because he’s always stuck with ACR and PS. Sigh…. I have recently done a number of large events using only Photo Mechanic to ACR/PS for the culled picks and then only imported the finals into LR simply due to the catalog being there. I might consider at some point re-thinking that whole catalog process, especially now that I also use Mylio for the main organizational on site and off site backup and archiving of everything with over a million image files on a dozen systems.

  2. Yeah downloading updates now. Lightroom is the cloud version – mmm and Lightroom Classic is the local PC version. They seem to love confusion alright.

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