A Photographers Review: Promaster LED42 Camera / Camcorder Light

Here we are again, talking about budget products similar to the high end ones. As I’ve said in previous reviews, saving money isn’t always the best thing. On the other hand, I’ve also said that saving money can be a good thing.

In the came of the Promaster LED42, it is a product that is very similar to the popular Litepanels. However, not in the same league.

The LED42For some strange reason this LED light, with it’s 42 super bright LEDs doesn’t get as bright as the Litepanels. But that is ok because it still gets pretty bright.

is made of lightweight plastic which relieves the stress from the camera’s shoe. I must mention that on my D700 the shoe mount was very tight even when “unlocked” which made it quite difficult to attached. Many video cameras have thinner metal for shoes so it should be much easier. One one side of the panel is the on/off switch and dimmer. Yes, the LEDs can be dimmed. The other side of the panel has an AC port if you don’t want to run off batteries. The AC plug is included in the box.

I tried the light on camera and off. Why not right? the light emitted from the product is very clean and smooth. I didn’t get any harsh shadows even when attached to the camera.

The LED42 came with a Yellow filter to simulate Tungsten light. That can really come in handy if you are videotaping an event with Tungsten lights.

Unlike the Litepanels which have a slip in system for their filters, the Promaster version uses tiny screws to keep it attached. Some may think this is a better option as the filter can’t fall off/out.

LED Panel dimmed to the lowest setting

So would I purchase this? Yes. If I was a videographer just starting out and needed an extra light but can’t afford the Litepanel I’d hop on the Promaster LED42.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

The PROMASTER LED42 LED light panel will help your get well lit photos and video with more natural color. The continuous light source eliminates the red eye effect caused by your cameras flash and helps you to get sharper pictures by providing a good source of illumination for your camera’s autofocus system. Multiple units of this ultra bright panel may be combined to get excellent results in a portrait type setting.


  • 42 super bright daylight 10mm LED’s
  • Variable output: 1500 lux maximum @ 50cm (1.64’) – 1100 lux maximum @ 50cm (1.64’) with yellow filter installed
  • Shoe mount to any standard flash shoe
  • Uses 4 standard or NiMH AA batteries (not included)
  • A/C power supply is included
  • Includes 3300º yellow filter to simulate tungsten lighting

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  1. ok just purchased a light panel last night. Had it in the back yard as soon as I got home doing some Macro work. This will be fun

  2. Please share your work when you’re done. I would love to see the results.

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