I was glad to have the chance to review the Canon D10 because I love bringing my Olympus Tough camera wherever I go with water. When reviewing products I try to use the camera as an average consumer would. There are so many reviews on the technical aspects of the camera that there is no reason for me to do the same. When reviewing the Olympus Tough camera I am going to drop it, step on it and throw it in water. The Canon D10 isn’t so different.

“For those with a taste for adventure, there’s a camera as bold as the active life you lead. It’s the Canon PowerShot D10. Waterproof, freezeproof and shockproof; it’s tough enough to take what you dish out. Plus it’s got all the high performance features you expect from a Canon digital camera. You’ve got 12.1 megapixels of resolution plus all of Canon’s powerful, state-of-the-art imaging technologies so you can capture your epic experiences in breathtaking color and awesome detail.”

Although designed for impacts the Canon D10 is just plastic where the Olympus Tough camera is metal. The D10, however is designed more for a tons of underwater fun. The huge advantage that the D10 has over the Olympus Tough cameras is the lens. It has larger optics and is external versus a flat internal lens like the Olympus. Right off the bat this means better image results.

What would you do if you had a waterproof camera and were about to jump into the pool? Throw the camera in the pool and drive in after it, right? That’s what I did. Check it out!

Having Canon’s creative color modes the D10 can be fun in and out of the water.

Canon D10Canon D10Canon D10Canon D10Canon D10

The quality I was getting with the D10 was incredible for an underwater digital camera. I am more than pleased with the results.

Canon D10

One thing I noticed is that no matter how you let go of the camera underwater it will always flip over so the lens is facing up. Did Canon do this on purpose I don’t know. But it’s sort of funny.

I enjoyed the camera but I can’t see myself using it on a daily basis as a pocket camera because of its bulk. Other than that it is the perfect waterproof digital camera! The battery life of the camera was about 7 days of consistent use and picture reviewing so that is pretty awesome too! Visit my flickr set with more videos and photos of the Canon D10


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