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So this post will not be the most important one but it sure can be a fun one.  After reading the article from Smashing Magazine about email signatures I figured I’d share mine and see what you have for yours.  Please comment below with your email signature and share it with the reader.

Do you use gmail’s append location feature?  Do you ad fanciness to your signature?  Logo?

While I do change my signature up every so often trying to think of the ideal layout this is what I use now.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz, Photographer
www.scottwyden.com | 973.594.6479
skype: scottwyden twitter: scottwyden

** Please consider the environment before printing this email **

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  1. Here's mine:–(360) 818-4449 – Twitter: @ahockleyEvent, commercial, and portrait photography: https://www.hockleyphoto.comPhotographers + social media:

  2. Good signature as well. I know there is a debate between including a Twitter account and not. I've changed it up a bit but currently leave it in

  3. I have my Twitter name there since I do a lot of work for tech events and the tech industry. Quite a few of my clients are on Twitter, so I figure it's useful to them.

  4. Great post, Scott. I need to do more to promote myself, and this is a good start. Will keep an eye on this page :-)robert

  5. Here is mine:James Anthony Campbell Photographer – Web Developertwitter: @jamescampbellweb: used to have image icons linked to facebook/twitter/linkedin but too many email clients block them so I went with text only. I try to update mine at least every 3 months, my next version will probably be three line instead of four line.

  6. Thanks for sharing James. I just checked out your website. I like how fluid it is when you click an image.

  7. thanks, it is all still very much a work in progress… I finally decided to have a separate portfolio site from my various photo blog sites instead of trying to consolidate everything in one place to post, show, sell, get feedback, and manage.

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