When I was in school my professor gave us an assignment to photograph a bicycle and make it unique. This assignment had to be done using a Hasselblad and studio lights. I had so much fun with this assignment. I challenge you to do the same. Photograph a bicycle, photograph it in any way you can so that is unique in your mind. Then upload the images to Flickr and share the link with me. Please use the keyword SWIUniqueBicycleChallenge for easy searching as well!

Below you can see what I did year over 7 year ago in school

Unique Bicycles Unique Bicycle

All done with a Hasselblad, Speedotron strobes around 11am. (yes, I said 11 AM)

Please be sure to comment with a link to your photos for me to see! The image that I think is the most unique will get a prize!

The challenge idea was inspired by coming up with an idea to challenge Roger Byrne who recently purchased his first Nikon DSLR

Update: The winner will receive a brand new box of the original HonlPhoto Rosco Gel Kit

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  1. About a month which is when my next challenge will be posted!

  2. How about the time frame on the challenge?

  3. Hey Scott I'm in! Thanks for the challenge and glad you gave a month as I'm in the middle of trying to move to a diff country so need that time ;) Looking forward to seeing the entries…

  4. Glad you're going to do it! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Very interesting. Looks like the bike was moving and a dragged shutter. Cool shot!

  6. Very interesting. Looks like the bike was moving and a dragged shutter. Cool shot!

  7. My vote is on "Urban Escape Vehicle".. its awesome! I dont have strobes or that kind of lighting equipement for this one so thats the photo im betting on ^^

  8. Thanks for your choice Jess. The one that I chose is this one ->

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