You Move – No You Move
move, no, you move

During my trip to South Carolina, we drove a couple of hours to Columbia (the state capital) to visit Riverbanks Zoo. We were also meeting up with some of Melissa’s family who lives in North Carolina. Jeremy (Melissa’s cousin that we were staying with in Charleston) and I were having a blast by quoting Animal Crackers while walking around the zoo.

Of course, the first exhibit that we visited were the Flamingos.

move, no you move
move, no, you move

Then there are the Flamingos that enjoy a relaxing day of Yoga.

Flamingo Yoga
Flamingo Yoga

I have a bunch of great photos to share from the zoo, which will follow next week. For now, enjoy Animal Crackers if you haven’t yet.

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    1. I don’t have TV (only Netflix and Hulu) so I haven’t seen anything other than what is on YouTube.

  1. Haha… I love the video! Flamingos makes interesting photo subjects indeed!

  2. What a great video Scott! Thanks, you definitely got my day started off right!

  3. great shot of the flamingos, they are fun to watch and photograph! Jim

  4. Flamingos are totally fascinating! For the photos, the top one is pretty cool but I swear the watermarking is throwing me off. The second image is a fun snapshot as the tag is on the leg.

    I know you’ve had issues with photos and at the DMCA letter thing, but wonder if you’re considering dropping the watermark soon?

    1. I won’t drop watermarking for two reasons. One, beause if someone is going to use my photos without asking i’d rather my watermark be there even if it is easy for a person to remove. Two, because it is branding. My watermark is so suttle that it doesn’t make much of an impact in photos.

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