Wishlist: Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 Carbon Fiber Tripod

When carbon fiber tripods first came out I was a little turned away because it seems so hard to trust.

Things made of carbon fiber:

  • Hockey Sticks
  • Jeep Tops
  • Bicycle Frames

It’s not everyday you see a bicycle frame break but it is pretty common for hockey sticks and Jeep tops to crack.  It’s been awhile since the carbon fiber tripods have hit mainstream and they have seemed to prove themselves.  It would be nice to have the ability to travel with a full size tripod that weighs very little so I did some research and The Bogen Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 (even the 190CXPRO3) is my choice.

“The 4-section 190CXPRO4 combines great compactness and improved rigidity with maximum height. It?s extremely light weight and includes professional features such as the patented Q90° center column system for quick vertical-horizontal movements, an integrated leveling bubble on the magnesium top plate, 100% carbon fiber tubes (including the center column) and magnesium die castings.”

load capacity: 11.02 lbs
material: carbon fiber tubing + magnesium castings
maximum height: 57.48 in
maximum height (with center column down): 48.03 in
minimum height: 3.15 in
weight: 2.95 lbs

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  1. i just bought a manfrotto 190CXpro made of carbon fiber tubes for my Christmas Bonus. Wheew! i love it!

    1. Since writing this I picked up a 190cxpro3 and it is pretty good.

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