Win the X-Equals Cold Storage Film Presets for free

This might be one of the easiest contents I run on my blog. Thanks to Brandon Oelling at I have the current collections of all of the Cold Storage Film Presets for Lightroom to give away. The rules are below and the contest will end in 24 hours.

  1. Become a fan of Scott Wyden Imagery on Facebook
  2. Become a fan of X-Equals on Facebook
  3. Comment below with your favorite thing about Lightroom & Film
  4. Use your real name in the comment because if I can not find you as a fan on both pages you forfit.

Easy enough, right?  Go!

Winner will be picked using a random number generator.

(if you noticed I didn’t use “Like” the facebook page because I prefer the term “Become a Fan”)

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  1. I love Lightroom most for two reasons… cataloging & I can do most editing in Lr. Easy to use, great results.I love film because it makes me concentrate more on getting the right shot, the first time… which helps me not get sloppy in digital, because I can shoot many for the same price.

  2. Normally for my photos using Photomatix HDR and then Photoshop, but then I met Lightroom, I do not even use Photoshop.Lightroom, the best tool for photographers..Oscar Navarro@Oscar2403

  3. Hi folks,I love LR3 because of the publishingservices!Greetings from GermanyJochen Kubik

  4. I love LR3 because I can quickly post process a large amount of photos and easily upload them to my website and export them in multiple formats for each client. It has cut my processing time dramatically!I love teaching with film because my high school students walk away with a much stronger grasp of lighting and how important it is to pay attention to it. It also permits much more hands on manipulations, which they tend to retain much better than just working on the computer.P.S. I'm with you on "Become a Fan". :-)

  5. My favorite thing about Lightroom is that I rarely need to use photoshop. My favorite thing about film is that it reminds me of my childhood, with my dad teaching me lighting in a studio using Polaroids as the "LCD preview", then capturing the real photos on massive negatives on his medium format cameras.

  6. YAHOO! Thanks, Scott and X-Equals!

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