Win a free copy of HDR Expose by Unified Color

HDR ExposeHere we go with another really simple one day contest.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below and you might win a free license to Unified Color’s HDR Expose

  1. Download the trial of HDR Expose
  2. Become a fan of Unified Color on Facebook
  3. Become a fan of Scott Wyden Imagery on Facebook
  4. Tweet the following (or post it somewhere like Facebook or your blog that you can link to): “Win a free copy of HDR Expose by Unified Color – today only via @scottwyden @unifiedcolor  #photog #HDR #togs
  5. Comment below with a link to your tweet or post

Make sure you comment with a legit email address and your name on Facebook so the guys at Unified Color and I can verify you are a fan of both.  If your name is not coming up you will not win and a new random number will be generated.

The contest will end in exactly 24 hours.

Have fun everyone!


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