What’s a bridge between friends
Bridge Between Friends

A few weekends ago I went out on an evil adventure in New York City (ok, not evil… but still) with my friends Brian, Steve and Jesse. We were walking around the city causing major chaos. Heads spun. Seriously. It was some sight!

Anyway, so I am a little late to the sharing game because life has sent me busy day after busy day. Now it is to share at least one photograph from the adventure.

Bridge Between Friends - Scott Wyden Imagery
Bridge Between Friends

For this shot I was using my Nikon 24mm PC-E lens, tilted ever so slightly. I managed to get some curving to make the bridge look slanted. Add that to a cool angle, some creative inspiration from friends and there you have it. I call it, a bridge between friends.

So now that I have finally shared one of my photographs from the day, go check out some from Brian, Jesse and Steve.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


PS. Speaking of surrounding yourself with creative friends

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  1. Great shot, Scott. Nice, subtle use of tilting. Even though this wasn’t too long ago, it still brings back memories. I hope we can do it again soon.

    1. Thanks dude! It was such a fun day. I hope we can do it again sooner and later.

  2. Wow, you totally nailed this shot, I love the curve in the bridge, your framing, everything! Thanks for the mention/link – it was indeed an epic day, looking forward to the next!

    1. Thanks Steve. I really appreciate that. Always happy to link to another great shot!

  3. Really interesting use of the tilt! What a day that was. Good times.

    Thanks for the link man, appreciate it!

    1. It really was an awesome day. Can’t wait to do it again. Thank you and you’re welcome!

  4. Hi

    Really fine captures from NYC – now in retrospect, I think I sp[otted you guys on the Brooklyn Bridge when I was there a few weeks ago shooting!

    Regards, Erik

    1. We didn’t go on the bridge, but did go under as you can see. Such a cool location.

  5. Awesome pic, Scott. I love the perspective and the angle. and truly appreciate that you blog about your shots and whatnot. reading for about a month now, gathering inspiration. thank you!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Doug. Thanks for being a reader!

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