What is on your photography gear wishlist?

The holidays are approaching quick and there are always products that we, as consumers, want but typically can not afford or just won’t spend our hard earned money on.  At the same time, gifts are always nice.

So I ask you this

What is on your photography gear wishlist?  What is the one photographic item that you want more than anything else? Do you think you will be given it as a gift this year?

Black Friday

Yes, it is a dumb name. However, it is what Americans nicknamed for the day after Thanksgiving. On this day stores around the country offer amazing deals on their products. Better yet, Amazon.com offers even better deals!

Social Media

The Holidays have changed forever thanks to Social Media. There are so cool deals going on via Gowalla, Foursquare, etc. You can read about it on Mashable.

The Trend

A popular gift for everyone is the iPad or Kindle. The Kindle is great for people who simply love to read. It has a beautiful black & white screen that can be viewed even in the brightest sun. The iPad has stunning colors and thousands of apps to go with it.

OP Gear

Outdoor Photo Gear is having a big Camo Friday (Black Friday) sale until Sunday. Make sure you stop over and visit my friends at OPGear for some great deals.

Exclusive Discounts

If you’re looking for that special something for a photographer friend or loved-one then check out my exclusive discounts page. There are so many great deals on products that any photographer would enjoy.

Thanks for reading and happy Holidays!

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  1. It’s called Black Friday because it’s the day that US etailers supposedly going from being in the red financially — debt — to being in the black — profitable.

    1. Understandable but still a dumb name in my opinion. Cyber Monday is a fun, cool name :-)

      1. I too prefer Cyber Monday although like Black Friday it’s mostly a made up day.

  2. Scott,

    I have a wishlist sitting on B&H’s website that comes in just under $10,000!

    However, you asked what is the one piece of gear I want. It would have to be a 70-200 f2.8. I have rented it a few times and loved it every time. It sure would be nice to own that bad boy!

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