View From The Top

This photograph was shot shortly after landing in Phoenix, Arizona. After arriving, we met up with a friend of mine that I haven’t seen since high school graduation. That was a long time ago.

Was it strange hanging out with someone I haven’t seen in such a long time? Sure, but it was so awesome.

Both he and I are doing what we love for a living, and are successful. We are both happy with our lives and can’t ask for anything else.

We ate at an amazing restaurant called Gallo Blanco. By far the best tacos I have ever eaten, including the fish tacos. (I don’t like fish)

After eating, my friend Justin showed us around the hotel that the restaurant resides in. Why? Because it has very interesting decor. The hotel is designed like a set from Mad Men. It has this amazing mix of old and new. This photograph was shot from the rooftop lounge area, where you can see all over the city.

Whenever I have a chance to photograph a scene like this, I don’t always photograph the skyline only. I will get own low and capture different angles, show scale however I can and often use a wide-angle lens (this was a 24-70mm) to exaggerate the view. This technique also works well when photographing for real estate.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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