Video of Lightroom integration using Topaz Fusion Express & Topaz Adjust 4

I’m on a Topaz kick this week. But that is ok because I’m trying to share a lot of cool things with my reader. Enjoy this video of how Topaz Fusion works to merge Topaz Photoshop plugins into Lightroom. Download the trials for free. Don’t forget to use my discount code “scottwyden” to save 15% off the total.

  • Import photo into host program like normal
  • Use Topaz Fusion Express to access any Topaz Photoshop plug-in with full functionality
  • Processed image flawlessly integrates back into host program

Topaz Fusion also integrated Aperture and iPhoto! Here is a video from Topaz Labs.

For a limited time, use the coupon code NEWADJUST for a 20% discount on Topaz Adjust or the Photoshop bundle. Expires 3/15/2010, so act now!

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